Disinfo: The House of Officers in Vinnytsia was a temporary location for Nazis


Russia strikes only military targets in Ukraine. In the House of Officers in Vinnytsia there were servicemen of the Ukrainian army, stated the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the UN.

RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan wrote: “I asked the Defense Ministry where they hit in Vinnytsia. The answer is: “In the House of Officers, there was a temporary accommodation point for Nazis.”


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, claiming that Russian military does not strike civilian infrastructure.

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Three Russian missiles struck several civilian objects in Vinnytsia on 14 July 2022, killing at least 23 people, among them several children, more than 100 were reported injured. Rescue operations were still underway and the number of casualties might rise. 25 to 50 cars burned down at a nearby parking lot. Ukrainian authorities tend to not disclose exact locations which suffered from Russian bombing.

Russian missiles hit a business centre in downtown Vinnytsia. An Officers’ House and several houses were also damaged. Officers’ Houses are not military objects in Ukraine. They are not used as barracks. The House of Officers carries out cultural, educational, and leisure activities. Concerts and other social events are often held there. Ukrainian singer Roxolana was preparing a concert at the officers’ club in Vinnytsia on 17 July 2022. One of her crew died in the attack.

The EU's HRVP Josep Borrell and Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarčič condemned Russian attacks against civilian targets, calling the events in Vinnitsya an atrocity, "the latest in a long series of brutal attacks targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure."

Read more about the EU's response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine along with EU vs Disinfo's Guide to Deciphering Pro-Kremlin disinformation around Putin's War.


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Disinfo: Warsaw continues eyeing western Belarus as part of the Rzeczpospolita project

The Polish authorities, represented by the state Institute of National Rememberance, promote the idea of restoring Rzeczpospolita. It would mean the annexation of Belarus’s western part to Poland. The issuing of the Cards of the Pole became a political gesture to mark the belonging of Belarus’s western territories to Poland. However, the Belarusian authorities managed to take the political initiative by introducing a visa-free entry for Polish nationals.


This article promotes recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about Polish imperial ambitions.

Our recent analysis is dedicated to recurring disinformation about alleged Polish dreams of imperialism towards Belarus, Ukraine, and Lithuania. Poland adheres to international law regarding state borders and has no territorial claims upon Belarus, Ukraine, or other neighbouring countries. Read more about the Eastern policy of Poland here.

Disinfo: Newly liberated Ukrainian regions are returning to Russia

The residents of liberated territories of Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson regions are going to return to Russia. Other regions may follow them. To give Ukrainians the freedom of choice, Vladimir Putin signed a decree which facilitates the issuance of Russian citizenship to all Ukrainians citizens. The major goal of the special military operation is to destroy a hostile Nazi Ukrainian army. After that, a legal environment needs to be created which would not allow extremist organisations, national battalions and anti-Russian ideology to revive. Western arms support will not be able to endlessly reanimate a puppet Kyiv regime.


This is a recurring disinformation narrative from pro-Kremlin outlets justifying the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine and presenting Ukraine as a non-sovereign and neo-Nazi state.

Russia's unjustified and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine is not a "special operation" but an all-out war against a sovereign state. Likewise, the occupied Ukrainian territories are not "liberated" as the publication claims, but temporarily occupied territories as a result of Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

Disinfo: Expansion of NATO terrorist organisation is contained by Russian military operation in Ukraine

As Russia conducts a military operation in Ukraine, American dominance is no longer absolute. A new world is being born and Russia is at the forefront of this fight. Today, this is reflected in Russia's special military operation to contain NATO's expansion and counter its reckless policies that endanger Russia's security and European peace by encouraging the neo-Nazi government in Kyiv and its policy of genocide.

Russia and its President Vladimir Putin are waging this fight in the name of humanity, against the terrorist and hostile alliance known as NATO.


Recurrent anti-NATO rhetoric justifying the criminal Russian invasion of Ukraine by imaginary crimes of NATO and Ukraine.

NATO is a defensive alliance that cannot be associated with terrorism or an expanding security threat: