DISINFO: The liberal élite’s Great Reset project is using the pandemic to restore control over people’s minds
  • Outlet: Geopolitica.ru (archived)*
  • Date of publication: January 27, 2022
  • Article language(s): Russian
  • Reported in: Issue 271
  • Countries / regions discussed: Russia, Europe, US
Conspiracy theory coronavirus Secret elites / global elites

DISINFO: The liberal élite’s Great Reset project is using the pandemic to restore control over people’s minds


The Great Reset is the desperate reaction of the globalist liberal élite who realise that the world is becoming multipolar and an increasing number of people are abandoning globalism. The Great Reset project is using the pandemic as an excuse to impose a state of emergency in order to restore the liberal élite’s control over people’s minds.

However, this project is failing, opposed by the Great Awakening, which is supported by the people. A war is breaking out between the liberal élite supporting the Great Reset, and the people supporting the Great Awakening.


This article combines recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about secret global elites who rule the world, with the new Great Reset conspiracy theory. It is also consistent with conspiracy theories about the Covid-19 pandemic often spread by pro-Kremlin outlets.

The Great Reset is a conspiracy theory claiming the existence of a plot to create a global totalitarian regime to completely control the world's population by exploiting the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is a completely unfounded conspiracy theory. No such plan devised by “secret global elites” exists.

The Great Reset conspiracy first surfaced in June 2020 after the World Economic Forum (WEF) - a global NGO established nearly 50 years ago by the engineer and economist Klaus Schwab - introduced the “Great Reset” initiative, an effort to reduce global inequality, to find a solution to climate change, and to assess how countries might recover from the economic damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The concept of a Great Reset was proposed at the 2020 World Economic Forum by Prince Charles along with Klaus Schwab. The idea of seeking a response to the economic and pandemic crisis and climate change was later echoed by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The Great Reset concept was later manipulated by conspiracy theorists to claim that a “Great Reset plot” was orchestrated by “globalist élites”.

Disinformation narratives about the Covid-19 pandemic are being used in various ways to reinforce the credibility of the Great Reset conspiracy theory. Such narratives claim, for example, that “globalist elites” use the pandemic to justify a state of emergency that will become permanent, as well as to justify violations of fundamental rights, forced vaccinations, media censorship, digital surveillance, and the abolition of private property.

The Great Reset conspiracy theory has been analysed and debunked by several scholars and by the BBC, as well as Reuters and AFP.

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