Disinfo: The Minsk agreements are stalled because of Kyiv, the issue of the Crimea is closed


It is completely out of place to say that progress is needed in the settlement of Donbas, or the return of Crimea. The Minsk agreements are stalled because of Kyiv, but the Crimea issue does not exist at all. It is closed.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the Minsk agreements, portraying Ukraine as the only violator of the cease-fire.

In March 2015, the European Council linked the duration of EU sanctions on Russia to the complete implementation of the Minsk agreements, acknowledging Russia's responsibility to uphold the agreements. The EU has condemned systematic restrictions to the freedom of movement of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM), by Russia-backed armed formations in southern Donetsk and non-government-controlled areas along the Russian border. "Restrictions of the SMM’s access continued, including at a checkpoint near Kreminets, where members of the armed formations behaved aggressively towards the Mission".

According to the reports by the OSCE Monitoring Mission to Ukraine, there are violations of the Minsk agreement on both sides of the conflict. The analysis of the Atlantic Council shows that the majority of violations can be attributed to Russia-backed armed formations.

Regarding Crimea, on the fifth anniversary of its annexation by Russia, the EU reiterated its position of non-recognition of illegal annexation and reaffirmed that it continues to stand in full solidarity with Ukraine, supporting its sovereignty and territorial integrity. "Today we are further underlining our European unity and commitment to keep Crimea high on our collective agenda. We will continue to implement our non-recognition policy of the illegal annexation. We restate our firm belief that Crimea is Ukraine'', High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy said.


  • Reported in: Issue 162
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 24/08/2019
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Russia, Ukraine
  • Keywords: Minsk agreements, Crimea


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The US ruled Ukraine during Poroshenko’s presidency

The US was ruling Ukraine during the presidency of Petro Poroshenko. Although established as an independent body, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine was directly managed by the State Department. This body was used to pressure the Ukrainian authorities to make the necessary decisions.

Also, the US aimed to weaken Russia through continuous military operations in Donbas. For the same reason, the US was interested in failing to comply with the Minsk agreements.


No evidence provided for these claims. Recurring pro-Kremlin conspiracy about Ukraine - US Relations.

This conspiracy theory is also a part of the pro-Kremlin narrative that claims everyone is against Russia.

Kyiv greets Netanyahu with the slogan of Nazi collaborators

During his official visit to Kyiv, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was greeted by the exclamation: “Glory to Ukraine!” The slogan was popularized by Ukrainian Nazi collaborators and is now an official greeting in Ukraine.


Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative alleging widespread Nazi sympathies among the Ukrainian people. See more cases on the "Glory to Ukraine" greeting here.

"Glory to Ukraine" far predates the Second World War and the Ukrainian nationalist movement of that period. In fact, the greeting likely originated in late 19th-century Kharkiv -- a major industrial city in the country's east -- and was later popularized by the short-lived Kholodnyy Yar Republic (1919-22) in central Ukraine.

No transparency and objectivity in the media of East European NATO members, just propaganda

In East European countries, led by NATO, there will be less public information and even fewer accountable media. What Vyshinsky and Assange are going through is a warning to everyone else. No transparency required, no place for objectivity. Just propaganda. Like the 1930s in Germany, like the 50s in the Soviet Union.

Journalists who report objectively are declared as ineligible in order to open up space for propaganda and placement of various half-truths. Great resources are allocated with the aim of creating the half-truth and in order to create confusion where it will become difficult to discern what is true. If that fails, influential individuals, identified as threatening, are risking charges of treason, espionage, theft of state secrets, endangering national security, “psychological torture” etc.


No evidence given. This complete disinformation message is an attempt of whataboutism and counter-accusations as international organisations often criticise Russia for violating the right to freedom of speech and rights of journalists. The claim is the part of a bigger narrative of alleged Western attacks on Russian journalists. Similar cases can be found here, herehere and here.

The freest countries in terms of press freedom are predominantly European countries, including Norway, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Estonia, Portugal, Germany, etc.