Disinfo: The name of ‘Ukraine’ is not historically correct for the…


The name of ‘Ukraine’ is not historically correct for the country, the historical name is ‘Malorossiya’ and ‘Novorossiya’.


This claim is contrary to historical documents. Since the 16-18 centuries, the word of ‘Ukraine’ was in use among both the Moscovites and the Europeans, for instance in the book ‘Déscription de l’Ukraine’ by Guillaume le Vasseur de Beauplan published in 1648 or on the well-known map by the Black Sea, composed by Georg Matthäus Seutter in 1740.bit.ly/2lCc8d2,


  • Reported in: Issue59
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 17/02/2017
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Keywords: Novorossiya, Ukrainian statehood


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Ukraine has run out of heat and the Emergency Situations…

Ukraine has run out of heat and the Emergency Situations Service is rushing to open heating centers throughout the country.


A recurring disinformation about Ukraine. While the Ukraina.ru does quote the head of the Emergency Situations Service accurately, the story headline - Ukraine without heat and organizing warming centers - is completely inaccurate and distorted. On February 16 Ukraine’s Emergency Service met to discuss plans in case an emergency heating shortage happened. Service director Mykola Chechetkin outlined the proactive measures being taken to minimize the effects of such a possibility. According to the chairman of Ukraine’s UkrEnergo national energy company, in current temperatures Ukraine has enough resources to meet heating needs through March. Further debunking at Stopfake bit.ly/2miDwx7,

An image shows the victim of attempted sexual assault, a…

An image shows the victim of attempted sexual assault, a Danish 17-year-old girl.


The photo of the girl has been used since 2014 in many different stories claiming different cases of assaults commited by immigrants.bit.ly/2lC2Spi, . The woman on the picture is Nanna Skovmand and she was beaten on Christmas Eve 2014 in Copenhagen - not recently in another part of denmark as the article claims.bit.ly/2kUO8xF, .