Disinfo: The occupation of the Czech republic continues


The occupation of the Czech republic continues. Based on new agreement signed by the Czech Armed Forces, one Czech army brigade will be commanded by German Bundeswehr. This is part of the German effort to dominate Europe and prevent the national states from protecting themselves against future waves of migrants.


The Czech republic is not occupied. The agreement aims to improve the interoperability among Czech, Romanian and German armies. It establishes system of common military trainings and exercises that will allow better cooperation in the case of crises. Ultimately, the Czech government has to approve the participation in those exercises: bit.ly/2m0tHVh,


  • Reported in: Issue 59
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 14/02/2017
  • Outlet language(s) Czech
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Czech Republic, Germany
  • Keywords: Occupation, Sovereignty, Europe
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Disinfo: People in the Baltic states were better off in the...

People in the Baltic states were better off in the Soviet Union compared to nowadays. Sending NATO forces to the Eastern flank of the Alliance is a provocation against Russia.


Debunked many times before. During the post-war period, the USSR priorities were not the investment in industry, but the repression of the national resistance movement and the militarization of the territory. The Baltic States as a whole were Soviet economy donors bit.ly/2lBzobb, whereas now, the Baltic economies are doing well in comparison see e.g bit.ly/2lLv35P, , goo.gl/PeFLEV, . The enforcement of the eastern flank is a response to Russia’s aggressive foreign policy and actions in Ukraine.bit.ly/2iMmGkG, .

Disinfo: Kyiv’s armed forces have been using weapons of mass destruction...

Kyiv’s armed forces have been using weapons of mass destruction (Tochka-U tactical missile system) against civilians in Eastern Ukraine.


The General Staff of Ukraine disputes Russia’s accusations. The claims concerning the use of Tochka-U have been made previously by the separatists supported by Russia, but no evidence has ever been presented. bit.ly/2lGjI6I, . Further debunking at The Insider bit.ly/2lhdIAm, .