Disinfo: The occupation of the Czech republic continues


The occupation of the Czech republic continues. Based on new agreement signed by the Czech Armed Forces, one Czech army brigade will be commanded by German Bundeswehr. This is part of the German effort to dominate Europe and prevent the national states from protecting themselves against future waves of migrants.


The Czech republic is not occupied. The agreement aims to improve the interoperability among Czech, Romanian and German armies. It establishes system of common military trainings and exercises that will allow better cooperation in the case of crises. Ultimately, the Czech government has to approve the participation in those exercises: bit.ly/2m0tHVh,


  • Reported in: Issue 59
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 14/02/2017
  • Language/target audience: Czech
  • Country: Czech Republic, Germany
  • Keywords: Occupation, Sovereignty, Europe
  • Outlet: zvedavec.org
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The task [of the West] is to use force, terror…

The task [of the West] is to use force, terror and propaganda to make Ukraine an anti-Russian power in order to set it against Russia later, and then to destroy both Russia and Ukraine.


The EU and US respect both the Ukrainian and Russian sovereignty and territorial integrity. The West does not "create" anti-Russian power in Ukraine, the anti-Russian sentiments in Ukraine are caused by Russian military aggression on Ukrainian territory.

The placement of NATO battalions in the Baltics is an…

The placement of NATO battalions in the Baltics is an act of intimidation by the US and NATO. They want to claim the territory belonging to the Russian world. Baltic countries are a part of the Russian world, the people there love Russia.


Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are not part of a 'Russian world', they are sovereign and independent states which have joined NATO voluntarily. // Lithuania welcomed the NATO troops: bit.ly/2liobgr, and actually would like to see more of them because of Russia' aggresive behaviour: reut.rs/2loTWEp, // Latvia as well: bloom.bg/2lBVMkz, // Similarly in Estonia: bit.ly/2kerQeQ,