Disinfo: Europe the Baltic states will be destroyed by their pathological Russophobia


The pathological Russophobia in Europe and in the Baltic states will destroy these two blocks.


“Russophobia” is not a problem, neither in Europe, nor the Baltic states. Minority language programmes are implemented in 13% of publicly funded schools in Latvia; and 26% of all Latvian students were enrolled in national minority education programmes in 2015/16. Estonia has facilitated the naturalisation process for all legal residents who wish to acquire Estonian citizenship. The number of people with undetermined citizenship (grey passports) in Estonia is gradually decreasing.


  • Reported in: Issue 51
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 07/12/2016
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Baltic states
  • Keywords: Europe, Russophobia
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Western social media giants will launch a joint effort to restrict the freedom of speech

Western social media giants will launch a joint effort to completely restrict the freedom of speech, as they will step up against hate speech and terrorism.


The agreement the article talks about is about creating a database of online terrorist content. The tech giants will continue to use their own rules for filtering out such content, thus the basic restrictions on free speech will stay as they are currently. Furthermore, countering hate speech and terrorist content does not constitute a restriction on the freedom of speech.

Head of OSCE mission in Ukraine stops reports on Ukrainian violations of the Minsk agreement

Members of the OSCE mission in Ukraine write a lot about the Ukrainians breaching the terms of the Minsk Agreement, but these reports are stopped by the Head of Mission.


OSCE mission’s reports available on the OSCE website conclude that both sides breach the Minsk Treaty, however, it is mainly the self-proclaimed republics that refuse to grant the OSCE full access to the areas controlled by them.