Disinfo: The Polish Legions of Pilsudski organized the Volyn Tragedy


Pilsudski is a historical figure, who established the first Polish Legions, which fought on the side of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. These Legions organized the Volyn Tragedy.


This message is a part of the Kremlin’s policy of historical revisionism - this historical manipulation is an effort to falsify Polish history in general. The Volyn Tragedy is a difficult mark in Polish-Ukrainian relations, and as such it is exploited by pro-Kremlin outlets, in an attempt to deepen the divisions.

In the historical aspect, the statement that the “Polish Legions organized the Volyn Tragedy” is entirely ignorant. First of all, the Polish Legions existed throughout WWI (1914-1917/1918), while the Volyn Tragedy took place during WWII (1943-1944). The Polish Legions were established by Józef Piłsudski in August 1914 on the territory of Galicia - they became a formation of the Austro-Hungarian Army. Throughout 1917, the Austrian authorities disbanded the Legions as they refused to get subordinated to the German Army. After the proclamation of restoration of Poland's sovereignty (November 11, 1918), the soldiers and officers of the Polish Legions formed the core of the Polish Army.

The Volyn Tragedy took place throughout 1943-1944 when tens of thousands of Poles living in Volyn and Galicia regions were murdered or expelled by the Ukrainian militia forces. The Polish historiography presents this event as an act of genocide or a series of large-scale massacres against the Poles realized by the Ukrainian nationalists. The Ukrainian historiography presents this event as two-side ethnic cleansings taking place during the military conflict between the Polish and Ukrainian militia forces throughout WWII.

See other examples of the Russian historical revisionism concerning Poland here and here.


  • Reported in: Issue 166
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 23/09/2019
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Ukraine, Poland
  • Keywords: Austria-Hungary, WWI, Historical revisionism, WWII, Genocide


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The West might use the Eastern Europeans as cannon fodder for a new “Barbarossa”

Washington (and to a large degree Brussels) are engaged in fostering [Russophobia] so as to not just create a bulwark against the mythical “Russian aggression”, but also a possible staging ground for another “Barbarossa”. Of course, just like in 1938 when they were using Czechs as a bargaining chip, it’s not a big issue for the West to use modern Eastern Europeans as cannon fodder in a possible future confrontation with Russia, leaving the West unscathed. However, this time, it would be quite different as more than 6,000 Russian nukes disagree.


Conspiracy theory, presented without evidence. The article is consistent with a disinformation narrative about Russophobia and about Western belligerence towards Russia.

The resolution of the European Parliament relieves Germany from the responsibility of World War Two

The beneficiary of the resolution of the European Parliament, declaring the non-aggression pact between the USSR and Germany the cause of the World War Two, is first and foremost Germany. Germany is, with the help of others, getting relieved from the status of main culprit of the war. The responsibility for the deaths of 60 millions will now fall on others.


This message is part of the Kremlin’s policy of historical revisionism – it tries to promote the idea that the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact did not cause the division of East and Central Europe between the USSR and Nazi Germany, leading to WWII.

In a statement, the Press Office of the European Parliament elaborates on the resolution, mentioned in the claim:

The tentacles of George Soros entangle politics and generate chaos around the world

Why should we be more disturbed by the supposed global warming than the deliberate plan to end Western ethnicities?


The tentacles of billionaire George Soros entangle politics and generate chaos in countries around the world through the legions of employees of his philanthropic Open Society. His money finances extremist groups seeking to overthrow capitalism and promote a radical global environmentalist order. His retinue of advisers span the globe in positions of influence and power, and implementing his radical agenda. The advent of this new environmentalist religion desperately needs dazzling new demagogues to push the cause of global warming and silence its opponents under penalty of crime or mortal sin.


This article mixes several classical conspiratorial narratives in one, affirming that immigration is being promoted by some actors as a means to alter the cultural essence of the West, and blaming George Soros for this.

No evidence is provided for any of these affirmations. You can see here more examples of the narrative of George Soros allegedly promoting massive immigration to Europe.