Disinfo: The protests in Belarus are a colour revolution conducted according to Maidan scenario


[The protests in Belarus] are a colour revolution, completely according to the scenario of Kiyv’s Maidan. The protesters have been trained by the Western governments. This situation has been pre-arranged to raise doubts about the legitimacy of Lukasehenko’s victory.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about colour revolutions.

Protests in Belarus erupted after thousands of people took to the streets to contest the results of presidential election in Belarus, that are considered fraudulent by a large part of society.

The European Union has said that the elections were neither free nor fair: "State authorities deployed disproportionate and unacceptable violence causing at least one death and many injuries. Thousands of people were detained and the crackdown on freedoms of assembly, media and expression intensified. We call on the Belarusian authorities to release immediately and unconditionally all detained. Furthermore, credible reports of domestic observers show that the electoral process did not meet the international standards expected of an OSCE participating State."

This disinformation message appeared in the same TV broadcast as the claims that EU reaction to Lukashenko's presidential win is an example of Western double standards.

See previous disinformation cases alleging that the EU continues to support a colour revolution in Belarus; the EU provoked a civil war in Ukraine, now it destabilises Belarus; Belarusian opposition wants to turn Belarus into the 51st state of the US. 


  • Reported in: Issue 207
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 10/08/2020
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Belarus
  • Keywords: Colour revolutions


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Belarusians, Ukrainians, Russians are one nation

The result of this whole situation is so-called Belarusian separatism. They are Russian people, it is Russian land there, but during the last century the people were “reformatted”, they stopped being Russian people. We need to think, perhaps there is a sense to return the historical memory that we are not simply fraternal nations, we are one nation, together with Belarusians, Ukrainians and Russians. And if we unite, we will prosper, without all of these revolutions of duped kids, who grew up in post-soviet times and were tricked by liberal ideology into thinking that they are not simply not-Russians, but anti-Russians, and to prove that they are anti-Russian they need to fight the Russian brother.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about the all-Russian nation and Russian world/civilisation, and Western attempts to disrupt Belarusian-Russian relations.

Ukraine and Belarus are sovereign nation states.

The Kyiv regime is trying to drag Belarus into the “new Rzeczpospolita”

The Kyiv regime is trying to drag Belarus into the “new Rzeczpospolita”. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba even invited his Belarusian counterpart Volodymyr Makei to join the meeting of the so-called “Lublin Triangle” – a newly formed initiative of Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine with a pronounced anti-Russian character. This project serves as a step towards the realisation of the dream cherished in Warsaw for centuries – the creation of the Intermarium, the actual reincarnation of Rzeczpospolita “from sea to sea”.


No evidence that "Lublin Triangle" is a step towards reincarnation of "Rzeczpospolita" (a commonwealth of countries).  A disinformation narrative that mentions the concept of a new Rzeczpospolita which is often used in propaganda cases alleging Poland's imperialist plans for Ukraine and Belarus. Poland fully supports the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine and Belarus, it does not have any territorial claims against its neighbours and it rejects any “imperial” ambitions towards other countries.

The Lublin Triangle is a new regional cooperation initiative launched by Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania. Security is said to be one of the main priorities of the Lublin Triangle, with the format’s participants agreeing to coordinate actions to protect international law in the context of Russia’s ongoing annexation of Crimea.

The West wants to prepare Maidan in Belarus

The general goal of the West is clear: to rip Belarus away from Russia, to destroy the Union State, our defense cooperation. They have two strategies. The first – to prepare Maidan, to incite protests, topple Lukashenko. The second strategy is to drive the authorities away from Russia.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Belarus and the West.

The EU continues a step-by-step approach in its engagement with Belarus, supporting its civil society and victims of repression. The protests in Belarus erupted to contest the results of the presidential election in Belarus on the 9th of August, which are considered fraudulent by large part of Belarusian society.