Disinfo: The satanic and criminal Western elites lead their society through perversion, abomination, sodomite


The satanic and criminal political elite of the West lead their society through perversion, abomination, sodomy, destruction. And they want to do the same in countries that are not yet subject to it. To impose shadow pressure on leaders, to bribe those countries to adopt the legislation they want. Western society is a victim. In the West, it has a mass character, to defile their children. Now they want to spread it in post-Soviet countries. And not just through pressure, but through coups. The revolution brings to power those who will enforce these unclean laws. The West sees the power in its occupied territories resisting, saying, then you will go, others will come who are corrupted by both body and mind, and will do whatever they need, what you do not want to do.


This is a recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative aimed at portraying the West as immoral, degenerate, and a threat to traditional values (e.g., as a promoter of sodomy). The narrative of 'threatened values' is one of the most common narratives used by pro-Kremlin outlets.

These narratives aim at portraying the West as depraved, an immoral actor that fights against traditional values, promoting deviant sexual behaviour and endangering societies and imposing the same on other countries.

Read similar cases claiming that Western societies are decadent, worship money and are devoted to the obsessive search for pleasure, and that the West seeks to degrade and discredit traditional values, the Vatican lobbies for sodomy, that Belgium is to prosecute the promotion of traditional family values, Europe legalises and declares pedophilia as a norm, Germany and the EU want to legalise pedophilia, or Incest is being legalised in Europe and The West is lobbying for perversion.


  • Reported in: Issue 190
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 22/02/2020
  • Language/target audience: Armenian
  • Country: Armenia
  • Keywords: Conspiracy theory, Western values, Perversion
  • Outlet: Livenews.am
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US sends humanitarian aid to terrorists in Syria

The United States is planning to send aid to extremists in Syria under the umbrella of humanitarian assistance while the coronavirus crisis is spreading. The extremists are hiding among refugees in the Rukban camp, located in an area close to the US-run al-Tanf military base near the Jordanian and Iraqi borders despite Washington’s commitment to withdraw from Syria. US forces are still present in various parts of the country without permission by the United Nations or Damascus.


Recurring disinformation narrative claiming that the US is supporting or working together with terrorists in the Middle East.

The situation in the Rukban refugee camp has been deteriorating steadily over the last 5 years. The rapid deterioration in the lives of refugees is well documented. It has been at the centre of a geopolitical gridlock since Russia decided to intervene in Syria to assist the regime of Bashar al-Assad. The regime has placed the camp under siege as it considers it a safe haven for rebels and thousands of refugees have fled over the last few months.

One cause of Coronavirus: Gay marriage

One of the most egregious things that caused the spread of this [coronavirus] epidemic is the legalisation [of gay marriage].


Conspiracy theory about the 2019-nCoV coronavirus mixed in with another popular pro-Kremlin disinformation theme of the moral degradation of the West

See more examples of pro-Kremlin disinformatiomn about the coronavirus, including claims that Bill Gates and George Soros are sponsoring it, that it is a UK, US or NATO creation and that the Americans have its cure, that it is an artificial disease which specifically targets Chinese DNA, that it was created with economic goals while big pharma companies are spreading panic for their own profit, that it is a biological weapon against Russia and China, that it will wipe out Ukraine’s population in a few days or that it was predicted by Nostradamus and others.

France does not have a health system

France does not have a health system.


According to the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, the French population has a good level of health, with the second highest life expectancy in the world for women. The French state has a strong role in the health insurance system, which offers a high level of choice of providers.

Residents are covered through mandatory health insurance contributions, with optional private insurance available for those who want additional coverage. However, Government-funded agencies cover more than 75% of health expenditure in France.