Disinfo: The Skripals got caught in a power-struggle among US and UK billionaires


There are splits within any political organization; and, apparently, the false-flag operation against the Skripals was done by a ring that included not only representatives of UK billionaires, but also representatives of Democratic Party U.S. billionaires who are competing for power against Republican Party U.S. billionaires. This is a power-struggle within the U.S.-UK elite. Though that entire elite want to conquer Russia, they disagree on how to do it. The Trumpians want to conquer China and Iran first, but all the others are simply obsessed against Russia. The Skripals got trapped by the Russia-obsessed billionaires.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the Skripal poisoning claiming that the United Kingdom was never able to prove a “Russian trace” and did not provide detailed evidence of Russia’s involvement.

British police and investigations from the intelligence services have produced hard forensic evidence which was sufficient to charge two Russian nationals, identified as officers of the Russian Military Intelligence, GRU, for the attack on the Skripals.

Links on the details of the London Metropolitan Police investigation into the Skripal case can be found here.


  • Reported in: Issue 193
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 17/04/2020
  • Language/target audience: English
  • Country: UK
  • Keywords: Sergei Skripal, Secret elites / global elites, Conspiracy theory


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Now that US shale oil is bankrupt, Trump may attack Venezuela

Now that the shale oil industry in the US is facing almost total bankruptcy, there could be a new “war for oil” in the future. With Trump pointing again to Venezuela, this war may be closer than we think. Venezuela, the country with the biggest proven oil reserves in the world, reappeared on the list of priorities of the Trump Administration, as shown by the designation of high Venezuelan officials, including President Nicolás Maduro, as drug traffickers and the deployment of Navy destroyers, warships, planes and helicopters in a so-called “anti-narcotic effort”. This is equivalent to a de facto blockade of Venezuelan exports, including oil.


Conspiracy theory not sustained by any evidence. Shale oil has long been targeted not only by Saudi Arabia but also by Russia. Most experts accept that the most inefficient and weaker US shale companies will be bankrupt, but that this doesn't mean the end of the shale industry at all. Besides, the stated goal of the US naval anti-drug operation ashore Venezuela that triggered allegations about an eventual invasion is to nearly double the US counter-narcotics capacity in the Western Hemisphere. Experts pointed out that the military assets mobilised are consistent with that goal but not sufficient for a successful invasion, contrary to what is claimed.

This is part of a recurrent Russian disinformation narrative about constant US plots to undermine Latin American governments. You can see many examples in our database, such as alleged plans to designate drug cartels as terrorist organisations as a cover for military control of Mexico, the next country in Washington’s destabilisation list after Bolivia; claims of a US plot to invade Mexico; an alleged CIA-led Twitter campaign and a hybrid war in Bolivia, the engineering of blackouts all over Latin America, the promotion of secessionism in Mexico or Venezuela, the training of Venezuelan exiles in Guyana for military operations inside the country, preparations for military intervention in that country after forcing Brazil to join NATO or the existence of an alleged 'Operation Condor for the XXIst century'.

Sweden proves that WHO has carried out the greatest fraud in history

Sweden stands as a testament that this has been the greatest scam of all time which has used a virus to achieve the very same goals as Climate Change.

UNDER NO CONDITIONS should President Trump resume any support for WHO. All health organizations that want to pretend to be unbiased governmental agencies MUST stop taking private donations. That includes the CDC, NIH, and the WHO. Any university that accepts donations from the Gates Foundation should be PROHIBITED from providing any such studies whatsoever given that they have ALL been wrong concerning this staged viral Plandemic (a more realistic term for what they have done).


An unfounded conspiracy theory, suggesting that the World Health Organisation be subject to instructions by “shadow rulers” - in this case Bill Gates. Sweden has chosen not to introduce strict quarantine regulations, but rely on citizens’ ability to respect principles of social distancing voluntarily.

NATO seeks to control the Azov Sea

The construction of the Ukrainian naval base on Azov is an attempt by the West to create a new international problem, as well as a zone of military tension near Russian borders. The Ukrainian Navy is a tool for implementing the plans of the US and NATO. Responsibility for the escalation of conflicts related to the unilateral militarisation of the Azov Sea, internal for Russia and Ukraine, will be equally shared by Kyiv, Brussels, and Washington. Kyiv is not able to make independent strategic decisions. It is not Ukraine, but NATO that seeks to control the Azov Sea.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation on Ukraine and the Azov Sea, the aggressive West, NATO encircling Russia and NATO belligerence. This is consistent with the narratives challenging Ukrainian statehood and painting the US and NATO as the puppet-masters of Ukrainian politics.

Ukraine is a sovereign state. Neither the US, nor NATO, control Ukraine. Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity continue to be violated by acts of aggression by the Russian armed forces since February 2014. Despite NATO having refuted such claims many times,  pro Kremlin propaganda systematically states that NATO planned to create military bases on the territory of Ukraine: in Crimea, Donbass, and now in the Sea of Azov. A bilateral treaty between Russia and Ukraine, signed in 2003 and ratified by Russia in 2004, governs the use of the Kerch Strait and the Sea of Azov, which in the treaty are considered to be the “internal waters” of both Russia and Ukraine. A treaty stipulates that agreement from each of the two littoral countries is required for warships from any other country to enter the internal sea.