Disinfo: The Soros network is a derivative of the CIA and the US State Department


Agenda of the Soros network is a part of the American expansionist policy. The army of Soros accompanies, prepares and ensures the ideological assistance to America’s aggressive interventionist policy. This is exactly why the Soros galaxy is a derivative of the CIA and the US State Department.


Recurring pro-Kremlin conspiracy about George Soros.

The Open Society Foundation supports independent groups working for justice, democratic governance, and human rights worldwide. There is no evidence to confirm that it is connected to the CIA.

Soros has been accused (without evidence) of a wide range of sinsdestabilising Europeorganising colour revolutionsattacking churches and traditional values as well as sponsoring the film "Joker" as a tutorial for colour revolutions.

Read more about how the pro-Kremlin disinformation outlets target George Soros.


  • Reported in: Issue 186
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 01/03/2020
  • Language/target audience: Romanian
  • Country: Moldova, US
  • Keywords: NATO, CIA, George Soros
  • Outlet: Flux.md, MoldovaSuverana.md
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The Lanzarote Convention is about defiling children

The Lanzarote Convention is about defiling children. The title of the convention is a veil. In reality, this is about defiling. Only a paedophile can write such a thing. A tolerance to perversions will be imposed on our children.


The disinformation message consistent with recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about Western moral decay, as well as about imposing on countries international conventions and laws that destroy the moral foundations of traditional societies.

The Council of Europe Convention on Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse, also known as “the Lanzarote Convention”, requires criminalisation of all kinds of sexual offences against children. It sets out that states in Europe and beyond shall adopt specific legislation and take measures to prevent sexual violence, to protect child victims and to prosecute perpetrators.

US government uses gender theories, identity politics and Islamist extremists to bring down governments that disobey Washington’s orders

The US government uses certain social theories (gender theories and identity politics) as well as certain military tactics (the support of Islamist militants full of religious hatred) to bring down governments that disobey Washington’s orders.


Conspiracy theory. The article combines several pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives: that the West is using feminist and gender theories to destabilise societies, and that the US and other Western states are supporting and using jihadist groups to advance geopolitical goals.

There is no evidence to support the claim that the US and other Western governments use gender theories to undermine other governments and promote “colour revolutions”. Gender theories are a product of contemporary social science and culture. They are not political and ideological weapons.

Defender 2020 is an anti-Russian provocation used to intimidate the Poles with an alleged Russian threat

Organization of the military manoeuvres [Defender 2020] close to the Russian border is a clear anti-Russian provocation – it suggests that an alleged military threat for Poland and NATO comes from the Russian Federation. These exercises do not improve the security of Poland – this country is rather perceived as a battlefield (as it happened during WWI and WWII).

De facto, the ruling Polish authorities carry out such actions [Defender 2020] in order to intimidate the Polish society with Russia in future.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about

Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative claiming that NATO is encircling Russia and that US-led military exercise "Defender-Europe 2020" is directed against Russia. Find similar cases here.