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The Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia hindered a coup d'etat led by the West, and secured peace

Summary of Disinformation

The Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia made it impossible for the West to carry out a coup d’état in Czechoslovakia and preserved a life of peace and harmony for the people of all countries of the Warsaw Pact for more than twenty years.


History revisionism. euvsdisinfo.eu/czechoslovakia-should-be-grateful-to-the-ussr-for-1968/, Soviet troops and their Warsaw Pact allies invaded Czechoslovakia to end the country's brief period of political liberalization, called the Prague Spring. About 500,000 troops were involved in the invasion and occupation, during which 108 Czechoslovaks died and some 500 were wounded. www.rferl.org/a/czechoslovakia-politics-prague-spring/25080764.html, . Furthermore, the "normalisation" period that followed brought with it some of the hardest laws of the country's communist era.www.radio.cz/en/section/czech-history/president-gustav-husak-the-face-of-czechoslovakias-normalisation, https://www.ucis.pitt.edu/crees/sites/default/files/images/documents/outreach/from-the-prague-spring-to-normalization.pdf,

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Reported in: Issue 89
Date: 21.11.2017
Language: Russian
Country: Slovakia, Czech Republic, USSR
Keywords: USSR, Historical revisionism, Occupation
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: tvzvezda.ru
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