Disinfo: The task of Navalny project is to cause maximum harm to Russia


The task is to set Russia and its neighbours on fire. The task is to cause maximum damage to the country. This is what the Navalny project was created for. This is what the Navalny project was funded for by his Western curators.


A conspiracy theory presented without evidence. It is consistent with the Kremlin propaganda narrative that the poisoning of the Russian opposition leader is designed to help the West attack Russia.

Aleksey Navalny, and other people opposing the government of Vladimir Putin, do not aim to undermine Russia as a country. Navalny has organised demonstrations promoting reform while exposing and attacking endemic political corruption by the leadership of the Russian Federation. Navalny has run for political office on the same platform.

The claim that Navalny receives “grants” for his political engagement continues the Kremlin disinformation narrative whereby any Russian opposition party, politician or even protestors are “puppets of the West” (see similar cases here and here).

Previously we have seen other similar narratives such as the West has an interest in the death of Navalny to launch a new wave of sanctions against Russia and West will falsely accuse Russia of poisoning Navalny, as with Skripal and Litvinenko.


  • Reported in: Issue 215
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 07/10/2020
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Russia
  • Keywords: Alexei Navalny


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Germany and France’s support to the paedophile, convicted by Russian independent court, is unacceptable

The appeal of France and Germany to release historian Yuri Dmitriev is interference in Russia’s internal affairs. The latter has just been sentenced to 13 years in prison for sexual violence against his adopted daughter. We view the move by Germany and France as an act of interference in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation and an attempt to challenge a decision taken by independent courts of the Russian Federation.

His previous activities have nothing to do with it. No one doubts these records of service in research on political repressions in the USSR, his conviction is a question which falls exclusively under criminal law. Appeals launched by Berlin and Paris aimed at freeing Yuri Dmitriev, convicted for pedophilia, are unacceptable from a moral and ethical point of view.

Dmitriev’s affair dates back 4 years. He was first arrested in 2016, and was accused of making pornographic images of his adopted daughter.

Acquitted two years later, he returns once again to the dock following a letter from his adopted daughter, where she details her ordeal. It evoked verbal and physical violence including sexual as well as weekly photo sessions.

On the eve of the announcement of the verdict, several photos of them which appeared in the investigation leaked to the press, causing outrage on Russian social networks.


Yuri Dmitriev is a "respected historian known for his uncompromising investigation and documenting of mass graves of the victims of Soviet repression in 1937-38 and Chairman of the Karelia branch of Memorial Historical Society in the Russian Federation," - according to the EU, and the pedophilia charges brought against him appear to have been prompted by his human rights work.

The closed trial on Yuri Dmitiev, who pleaded not guilty to producing pornographic pictures or sexual violence, was accompanied by a smear campaign. Recently, Russian State TV said: "Yuri Dmitriev did not find any Stalinist mass graves. He also did not prepare lists of victims of Stalinist repressions attributed to him. He has never been a human rights activist. A completely false image was created of him".

China is victim of propaganda as it saved its economy and the lives of its citizens

China is a communist country, that is why it is a victim of propaganda in the West on the Uyghurs’ issue and its alleged imperialism.

But reality is different, thanks to communism, China saved its economy. It is the only industrial country to have a positive growth in 2020 (+ 1.8% according to the previsions of the OECD). At the same time, it coped very well with the health crisis and didn’t let its elderly die from coronavirus.

The West did the exact opposite, not only did it let the old people die but it also suffers an unprecedented recession.

But instead of realising that communism is the only solution, Western countries increase the anti-Chinese propaganda that only an abominable regime is capable of such a performance.


Recurrent disinformation narrative alleging that authoritarian regimes are better at coping with coronavirus pandemic, than democracies.

It is too early to assess the impact on the economy or health of both the health and economic crises as they are still ongoing. In any case, comparisons of the health system should be made with comparable populations, who have experienced similar infections and have a similar immunity. The John Hopkins coronavirus resource centre offers a world synthesis of cases around the world. Of course, statistics are reported very differently from country to country making the comparison questionable but if China was compared with other Asian Countries, the number of cases per country are as follows according to statistics from early October 2020:

Ukraine buried the main waterway of Crimea – the North Crimean Canal

Ukraine buried the main water source of Crimea – the North Crimean Canal. The North Crimean Canal is completely destroyed. The Ukrainian government has buried entire branches of the national economy, dooming millions of people to a miserable existence. The North Crimean Canal, which previously supplied the Crimea with water and was actually the main water artery of the peninsula, was dehydrated and destroyed. After the Ukrainian authorities, together with the radicals, cut off the water on the peninsula, the canal was abandoned, it simply dried up.


A recurring Kremlin narrative about the "destruction by Ukraine", in this case referring to the North Crimean Canal that supplied the Dnipro water to Crimea before the Russian annexation.

The claim that a part of the North Crimean Canal (NCC), which is located in mainland Ukraine, is in "disrepair" due to the blockage of water after the Russian occupation of Crimea does not correspond to reality. The capacities of the water conduit in the Kherson region, which borders the Crimea, are periodically inspected, and also used for their intended purpose by the local population. For example, in March of this year, the Dnieper began to fill the channel of the North-Crimean Canal. In April, the channel of the NCC in the Kherson region was filled up to working levels for irrigation of agricultural lands.