Disinfo: The tentacles of George Soros entangle politics and generate chaos around the world


Why should we be more disturbed by the supposed global warming than the deliberate plan to end Western ethnicities?


The tentacles of billionaire George Soros entangle politics and generate chaos in countries around the world through the legions of employees of his philanthropic Open Society. His money finances extremist groups seeking to overthrow capitalism and promote a radical global environmentalist order. His retinue of advisers span the globe in positions of influence and power, and implementing his radical agenda. The advent of this new environmentalist religion desperately needs dazzling new demagogues to push the cause of global warming and silence its opponents under penalty of crime or mortal sin.


This article mixes several classical conspiratorial narratives in one, affirming that immigration is being promoted by some actors as a means to alter the cultural essence of the West, and blaming George Soros for this.

No evidence is provided for any of these affirmations. You can see here more examples of the narrative of George Soros allegedly promoting massive immigration to Europe.


  • Reported in: Issue 166
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 23/09/2019
  • Language/target audience: English
  • Country: Spain
  • Keywords: migration, Climate, Conspiracy, George Soros


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The protests in Hong Kong are US-funded

A growing backlash has begun across Hong Kong against US-funded protests that have attempted to disrupt governance and commerce as part of a floundering movement to maintain Western influence in the region.


Conspiracy theory presented without evidence.

Pro-Kremlin media have long used the narrative about anti-government protests being funded by the US. Examples include colour revolutions in post-Soviet states, the “Arab Spring” revolts, and Ukraine's Euromaidan in 2014. Western non-governmental organisations are often targeted by pro-Kremlin disinformation as agents of this subversive and state-driven influence.

Anti-Semitism in Ukraine is on the rise

Of particular concern is the growing number of crimes motivated by anti-Semitism and other crimes directed against ethnic minorities. However, it is one thing when the state struggles to prevent this, and another when it indirectly encourages such crimes.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about antisemitism in Ukraine.

The National Minorities Monitoring Group of Ukraine informs that there have been no acts of anti-Semitic violence in Ukraine and relatively small anti-Semitic vandalism in the last two years. The Group’s monitoring has found that “there is no antisemitic violence in Ukraine and that Ukrainian Jews are not confronted with direct physical danger.” "However, some anti-Semitic vandalism occurs, such as the desecration of graves, synagogues and memorials to victims of the Holocaust. In 2018, there were 12 such cases, which is half of the previous year". In general, the Group concludes that the number of vandalism cases has decreased over recent years.

Threats to Kaliningrad: the US stands no chance

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation commented the statements of the commander of the U.S. Air Forces in Europe, General Jeffrey Harrigian, about a possible attack on Kaliningrad. The ministry emphasised that this region is reliably protected from any aggressive ‘plans’ that are being developed in Europe by ‘random’ American generals. At the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs flagged the statement of Harrigian as a “threat” and “irresponsible opinion”.


Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative on Western attempts to encircle Russia and Western belligerence.

Russian media has extensively misquoted General Jeffrey Harrigian's statements given during a press briefing reported by the digital magazine Breaking Defence. During the press briefing, Gen. Harrigian outlined tactics the U.S. Air Force is developing in response to the ongoing threat of Russian anti-aircraft, anti-ship, and surface-to-surface missiles based in Kaliningrad. No U.S. or NATO plans to conquest or attack Kaliningrad were mentioned.