Disinfo: The Ukrainians massively rush for visas and they get denied…


  • Reported in: Issue14
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 26/01/2016
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Keywords: EU, Visa liberalisation


Cases in the EUvsDisinfo database focus on messages in the international information space that are identified as providing a partial, distorted, or false depiction of reality and spread key pro-Kremlin messages. This does not necessarily imply, however, that a given outlet is linked to the Kremlin or editorially pro-Kremlin, or that it has intentionally sought to disinform. EUvsDisinfo publications do not represent an official EU position, as the information and opinions expressed are based on media reporting and analysis of the East Stratcom Task Force.

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Czech elites are paid by NWO. E

Czech elites are paid by NWO. E.g. Chairman of the NATO Military Committee Petr Pavel, who says that Russia is the biggest enemy, although NATO promised Russia not to expand eastwards.


Repeting an already debunked disinformation about NATO "expanding": bit.ly/2025syv, // For further claims, no evidence given.

EU’s laws are obligatory in Moldova

EU’s laws are obligatory in Moldova. The Association agreement gives Romanians the right to restitute their property lost in the 20th century when Moldova was a part of the Romanian state. Poland and Baltic states want Ukraine in the EU for the same reason, to restitute territories now belonging to Ukraine.


The Association Agreement does not give this right. For further claims, no evidence given.