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The UN condemned persecution of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Summary of Disinformation

The UN condemned the persecution of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and concluded that there is a “religious conflict” in Ukraine.


The publication refers to the words of the Coordinator of the "Information Group on Crimes Against Personality", of the co-organizer of the event, Maxim Vilkov and of some expert Daniil Glumov. They advanced the thesis that "nationalist forces use [...] historical confrontation of religious confessions" or that the UOC-KP and the Greek-Catholic Church "made every effort to kindle [...] a religious conflict."

In fact, officially, at the UN level, including representatives and members of the Human Rights Council, there were no such statements. There were also no official statements or discussions on this matter.

The event, which proves the basis for the material published by Ukraina.ru, is not on the list of official meetings of the 38th session of the HRC. It did take place, but already in the informal part (which follows from the bulletin of informal meetings) under the auspices of the Russian Federation Representation to the United Nations and the Russian Peace Foundation.

Further debunking by Stopfake.

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Reported in: Issue 113
Date: 22.06.2018
Language: Russian
Country: Russia, Ukraine
Keywords: Orthodox Church, Human rights, UN, War in Ukraine
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Ukraina.ru
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