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The United States is considering delivering deadly weapons to Ukraine. They want the conflict to escalate.

Summary of Disinformation

According to a special US ambassador to Ukraine, Kurt Volker, the US wants to deliver deadly weapons to Ukraine. This means that the US is interested in escalating the conflict in Ukraine because it allows them to get closer to the Russian-Ukrainian border. America again shows its aggressive policy and the essence of its relationship to the south-east of Ukraine.


The US Special Envoy to Ukraine described the conflict in the southeast of Ukraine as "a hot war". According to his observation, the Ukrainian government forces needed help with the challenges to better defend themselves against separatist attacks. "Defensive weapons, those that would allow Ukraine to defend itself, and take out tanks for example, would actually help." He stressed, however, that no such decision has been made.

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Reported in: Issue 86
Date: 29.10.2017
Language: Czech
Country: Russia, Ukraine, US
Keywords: Eastern Ukraine, Encircling Russia, US presence in Europe, War in Ukraine
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Novarepublika.cz
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