Disinfo: The United States organised the protests in Belarus


The United States organised the protests in Belarus.

The United States is playing a key role in the events which have begun following the presidential elections in Belarus. This is stated by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service.

There is a clear Western trace to be followed in the events in Belarus. The protest actions have been well organised from the beginning and are coordinated from abroad (…) According to the information, the USA plays a key role in the current events in Belarus.

The West had begun preparing protests long before the elections. According to information from [Russian Agency for Foreign Intelligence] SVR, the USA, through various NGOs, provided around 20 million dollars (almost 17 million euros) for the organisation of protests against the Belarusian government between 2019 and early 2020.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Belarus protests and about protests in post-communist countries, presenting them as being organised and controlled from abroad. This narrative claims that protests, disorders and civil uprisings are never manifestations of popular discontent but are “colour revolutions” directed and funded by the West.

There is no evidence that the US or other foreign forces are involved in any way in the protests in Belarus. The protests in Belarus erupted to contest the results of the presidential election on the 9th of August, which are considered fraudulent by a large part of Belarusian society. The European Union has also stated that the elections were neither free nor fair.

The US Undersecretary of State Stephen Biegun also stated that the United States does not intend to interfere in the internal affairs of Belarus and that it is up to the Belarusian people to decide the course of events in their country. "We urge the government of Belarus to accept the OSCE chair's offer to facilitate dialogue and engage all stakeholders. (...) The United States cannot, and will not, decide the course of events in Belarus. This is the right of the Belarusian people", said Biegun.

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  • Reported in: Issue 212
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 16/09/2020
  • Language/target audience: German
  • Country: Russia, Belarus, US
  • Keywords: West, Protest, Anti-Russian, Manipulated elections/referendum, Colour revolutions, Foreign mercenaries


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Lithuania has transformed into a totalitarian society, where any alternative opinions are rejected

In general, the inadequate reaction of Lithuanian politicians and journalists to the statements of the leaders of the EAPL–CFA, the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania – Christian Families Alliance, [words in support of Lukashenka] proves that Lithuania, so proud of its fight against “Soviet totalitarianism”, has transformed into a totalitarian society in which any alternative opinions cause rejection.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Lithuania.

The disinformation claim appeared in the context of the statement of the Lithuanian MP Zbigniew Jedziński (representative of the EAPL–CFA party), who defended the actions of Lukashenka saying that the Belarusian security forces were defending the Constitution. The Lithuanian Prime Minister called the statement completely unacceptable and incomprehensible.

Washington authorises vassals Poland and Lithuania to organise a colour revolution in Belarus

Despite having a strong desire to become the “main player”, Poland stopped implementing its independent foreign policy a long time ago, turning into an American tool.

Washington, preoccupied with its internal problems, simply handed over the authority to organise a colour revolution in Belarus to its Eastern European vassals – Poland and Lithuania.



Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the US presence in Europe. The Kremlin-controlled media regularly accuses Poland and Lithuania of Russophobia and the implementation of anti-Russian policies.

Poland and Lithuania are independent states, which shape their own foreign and domestic policies without any “dictate” from the USA.

September 17, 1939, did not change the course of the war for Poland in a significant way

Regardless of how disappointed we felt, September 17, 1939 [beginning of the Soviet attack at Poland], was not a date that changed the course of the war in some significant way for Poland. The Polish army defended itself in a heroic way, but it had outdated military equipment, a terrible command model and the Polish allies were situated too far away.


This message is part of the Kremlin’s policy of historical revisionism and an attempt to erode the disastrous historical consequences of the Soviet attack on Poland in September 1939.

The claim that the Soviet attack on Poland did not have any significant effects on the course of the war for Poland is a cynical attempt to downplay the historical importance of the Soviet participation in the partition of Poland realised together with Nazi Germany.