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US authorities are supporting terrorists who destroyed American skyscrapers on September 11

Summary of Disinformation

US at least supports the very same terrorists that carried out the September 11. … At least, it is supporting! Considering the situation inside the US, it is possible to assume that it was a conspiracy conducted by the US intelligence services and Mr. Cheney against [President] Bush!



One more conspiracy, no evidence given. The 9/11 conspiracy theory has been refuted several times – also by “9-11 Commission" conducted by the US legislators. 9-11commission.gov/report/,

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Reported in: Issue 80
Date: 11.09.2017
Language: Russian
Country: US
Keywords: 9/11, Terrorism, Secret services
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Vremya pokazhet @Pervyi kanal, 13:35
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