Disinfo: The US destroyed the European values and culture, so now Russia is the only flagship of the European civilization


Suddenly, it turned out that this Euro-Atlantic scheme imposed by the US has stolen the Europe itself, it has stolen the European civilization, European values, and suddenly it turned out that Russia is now the flagship of the European civilization.



No evidence given, conspiracy theory. The European values are a keystone of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.


  • Reported in: Issue 86
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 02/11/2017
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: US
  • Keywords: Russian superiority, European values, Europe


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The West supported the terrorists during hostage crisis in Dubrovka in Moscow (“Nord-Ost attack”) in 2002 and in the school of Beslan, North Ossetia, in 2004

Russia and the West need to stick together in the fight against terror. We had the terrible experience after Beslan and Nord-Ost attacks. Why didn’t the West help Russia then?  Why did the West support the terrorists?


No evidence given, conspiracy theory. In an article written in 2005 Andrei Kelin, at that time a departmental director at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated that "The political significance of the NATO-Russia Council became apparent for Moscow in the aftermath of the Beslan school tragedy of September 2004 in which 344 civilians, 186 of them children, died. The NATO-Russia Council was the first international body to adopt a statement resolutely and unambiguously condemning what had taken place as both a crime and a direct threat to our common security, shared democratic values and basic human rights and freedoms. It also confirmed its determination to intensify joint efforts to combat terrorism. At the time, we greatly appreciated the solidarity shown by the other NRC members as well as supportive statements from the NATO Secretary General." www.nato.int/docu/review/2005/Combating-Terrorism/NATO-Russia-Cooperation-Terrorism/EN/index.htm,

The West, primarily the United States, is collecting biological material in Russia to create a biological weapon that destroys the Russians.

The goal [why the US and the West is collecting biological material in Russia] is to test new samples of biological weapons on carriers of a particular gene pool. On people, on plants, on animals. The second goal is to to create dependence of Russia on Western pharmacological companies, which have medicines for this or that disease. The third goal is to create a truly biological weapon of the next generation, which will specifically act on the Russians.

[—] The military [of the US] can use it, for sure, to develop specific types of biological weapons that will be directed at extermination of specific ethnicity.




According to the investigative journalists of the Insider, the tender was advertised in July. Later the Russian media company Russia Today (RT) reported about the tender.The advert on the US government website requests offers for supplies of 27 samples of synovial tissue and 12 samples of RNA. The samples must be collected in Russia and be from "Caucasians" (white Europeans) and were to be delivered to Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, which houses one of the USAF's main medical facilities, the Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center. Both international and Russian experts have debunked the conspirational claims about the biological weapons. Capt Beau Downey, a spokesman for the US Air Force's Air Education and Training Command (AETC) told that the goal is the integrity of the research, not the origin of the samples. The reason the tender required samples from Russians was that they were a control group for an initial batch provided by a US firm. Biologist Mikhail Gelfand said that there cannot be such a biological weapon, as people are too similar to each other for it to be possible to create a weapon against a specific race. The comments about the US creating a biological weapon against Russians came from Igor Nikulin, who was presented as a former inspector of the UN Commission on Chemical, Bacteriological and Biological Weapons. According to the Insider, he doesn't have any connection with the UN. On his website, Nikulin describes himself as a supporter of a monarchy in Russia and proclaims his alleged descent from the ancient Rurik dynasty.

The West will force Russia to occupy Kyiv and Ukraine

All our people, unfortunately, both Russian and non-Russian, who live in the Baltics, are permanently being injected with the idea of a Russian threat. The aim is to build up military presence there. In fact it is an occupation of the Eastern Europe by NATO, where they [the West] always implement their economic interests. A very important goal is to destabilize Russia. […]Local war, unfortunately, is inevitable [in Europe]. The victims of this war will be, first of all, the Baltic population and the population of the Eastern Europe.



Conspiracy theory, no evidence given.