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The US intervened in Ukraine, which resulted in Ukraine's split and civil war

Summary of Disinformation

The US intervened in Ukraine, invested 5 billion dollars to its political system, which resulted in an illegal coup, a split in Ukraine’s society, and a civil war. Everyone agrees with this.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation about Ukraine's statehood and Ukrainian nation. https://euvsdisinfo.eu/disinformation-cases/?text=&disinfo_issue=&disinfo_keywords%5B0%5D=77158&date=&offset=10 Ukraine is recognised in international law as a sovereign nation state, with its own flag, nationality, language etc.

In 2016, Ukraine's major investors, accounting for 70 percent of investments included: Russian Federation (37.8 percent of FDI), Cyprus (9.7 percent), Great Britain (9.2 percent), the Netherlands (5.8 percent), Austria (5.7 percent), Italy (4.8 percent), Hungary (4.3 percent), the British Virgin Islands (3.2 percent), Switzerland (2.5 percent), and Turkey (2.3 percent). U.S. investment comprised 1.9 percent of FDI in 2016. www.export.gov/apex/article2?id=Ukraine-foreign-direct-investment-statistics,

There was no coup in Ukraine four years ago. The demonstrations which began in Kyiv in November 2013 – called "Maidan", or "Euromaidan" – were not provoked from outside but were a result of the Ukrainian people's frustration with former President Yanukovych's last minute U-turn when, after seven years of negotiation, he refused to sign the EU–Ukraine Association Agreement and halted progress towards Ukraine's closer relationship with the EU as a result of Russian pressure. The protesters' demands included constitutional reform, a stronger role for parliament, formation of a government of national unity, an end to corruption, early presidential elections and an end to violence http://bit.ly/2ftv6iT. The European Union does not recognise the illegal annexation of Crimea and continues to condemn this violation of international law, and that Russia’s illegal actions remain a direct challenge to international security, with grave implications for the international legal order that protects the unity and sovereignty of all States.

It was Russia that provoked a war in East of Ukraine, and it is not a civil war.

The Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has stated that “the information available suggests that the situation within the territory of Crimea and Sevastopol amounts to an international armed conflict between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. This international armed conflict began at the latest on 26 February when the Russian Federation deployed members of its armed forces to gain control over parts of the Ukrainian territory without the consent of the Ukrainian Government https://www.icc-cpi.int/iccdocs/otp/161114-otp-rep-PE_ENG.pdf

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Reported in: Issue 121
Date: 03.10.2018
Language: Russian
Country: Ukraine, US
Keywords: Civil war, US presence in Europe, War in Ukraine, Coup
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: 60 minut @ Russia 1, 17:35
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