Disinfo: The US is bombing Syria on a false pretext of...


The US is bombing Syria on a false pretext of fighting ISIS, which the US created and support. // The conditions of civilians in Syria got significantly better after the start of the Russian intervention. // The April 4th chemical attack in Idlib was a false flag operation.


One of the top priorities of the US in Syria is defeating ISIS. bit.ly/2oPO19O//, Russia has been accused of comitting several war crimes in Syria bit.ly/2fPzvtd, . // It has already been proven that the attack was not a false flag operation. bit.ly/2qAWmOR, , bit.ly/2oMigR9,


  • Reported in: Issue 68
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 25/04/2017
  • Outlet language(s) English
  • Country: Syria, US, Russia
  • Keywords: Chemical weapons/attack, Syrian War, Daesh
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NATO is preparing an attack on Russia and NATO's approach...

NATO is preparing an attack on Russia and NATO’s approach to Russia is based on conflict and dialogue.


Actually, Mr.Stoltenberg said the following: "NATO does not want confrontation with Russia, NATO doesn’t want a new Cold War, we don’t want an arms race; actually we will continue to strive for a more constructive and cooperative relationship with Russia". See the full transcript and the interview on NATO's website: bit.ly/2q2qNAN,

NATO will test techniques of hybrid warfare in Latvia

During the international military exercise Summer Shield XIV in Latvia, NATO’s commanders are likely to test new techniques of hybrid warfare by subjecting Russian-speaking individuals to new physical, biological and other methods aimed at altering human psyche and behaviour.


No evidence given. The claims have been highlighted by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Latvia as disinformation with the aim to undermine public trust in NATO and troops of allied forces bit.ly/2p3IpIR, .