DISINFO: The US is heading towards a civil war
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DISINFO: The US is heading towards a civil war


The Biden – Harris couple did not win the elections, they occupied the White House. The counting of the presidential election took place in many places behind closed doors, as in a dictatorship. The US is becoming more divided every day and is heading towards a civil war. When the Soviet Union broke up, Professor Igor Panarin predicted that the United States would soon fall apart too and would break up into several different countries along ethnic lines. The events of September 11 temporarily prevented the disintegration of the United States and allowed Washington to once again become master of the world.


The article contains two recurrent pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives. The first narrative is about an imminent civil war and state collapse in America, with the disintegration the United States into separate nations. The second narrative claims that the 2020 US Presidential elections were fraudulent and seeks to de-legitimise the conduct and results of these elections.

The article provides no evidence to support its claims that the US is heading towards civil war and that the 2020 US presidential elections were fraudulent.

Predictions about a US civil war or state collapse in the US have been a common pro-Kremlin narrative since the fall of the Soviet Union. The geopolitica.ru article approvingly quotes the theory about the disintegration of the United States devised by Igor Panarin - a former Soviet KGB and Russian intelligence officer, a political science professor and author of influential studies on information warfare - who declared in 1998 that the United States would disintegrate into six nations around 2010.

Furthermore, there is no evidence that the US 2020 presidential elections were fraudulent. Allegations of electoral fraud have been dismissed more than 60 times by different US courts and judges, both Republican and Democrats, due to lack of any significant evidence, including the Supreme Court on two occasions.

In its interim assessment on the conduct of the election, the OSCE finds that the contest was "competitive and well managed" (p. 1), noting that "evidence-deficient claims about election fraud" (ibid.) have been refuted by "election officials at all levels" (p. 3) and "national security agencies" (p. 11).

There were extensive investigations about possible frauds, and most fraud claims turn out to be unfounded. This unprecedented scrutiny led to the conclusion that the November 3rd elections were the most secure election in the history of the United States.

Read similar cases claiming that the US is collapsing and is no longer a country nor a nation, that the Democratic party came to power by falsifying the election results and that the US is a failed state and is unable to control its own electoral process.


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