Disinfo: US is the main terrorist in the world and destroyed the former Yugoslavia


  • Reported in: Issue 80
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 11/09/2017
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Yugoslavia, US
  • Keywords: Terrorism
  • Outlet: Vremya pokazhet @Pervyi kanal, 4:11
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US refuses to cooperate with other countries in fight against terrorism

The fight against terror must be conducted not only by force but, above all, by political means. Americans refuse to do it. They refuse to cooperate with other countries in the fight against terrorism. And till now, they are pretending to fight against terrorism. In fact, they are creating additional turbulence in other countries.


The US has created an international coalition consisting of dozens of countries to combat Daesh. www.inherentresolve.mil/,