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The US is waging a ''colour revolution'' against Russia

Summary of Disinformation

The “collective West” has instigated a hybrid war against Russia, containing three major elements: the first element is the economic warfare; the second – sustaining local and regional conflicts. The third, and most important element is information-psychological war – activities aimed at influencing the psychology of the adversary.

The United States are carefully and methodologically preparing a social outburst, a “colour revolution” and a coup d’etat in Russia in 2021–2022, around the time of the next parliamentary elections in Russia.


IA Rex, News Front German
IA Rex, News Front German

Conspiracy theory, presented without evidence. This is consistent with a recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Russophobia. The message implies that any spontaneous disorders and civil uprisings in other states are US-funded "colour revolutions".

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Reported in: Issue 157
Date: 08.07.2019
Language: German Russian
Country: United States, The West
Keywords: Colour revolutions, Russophobia, Information war, Conspiracy
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: IA Rex News Front German
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