The US organised a coup in Bolivia to control lithium deposits


A desperate attempt to seize power by a pro-American minority is driven by cynical rational, experts say. Bolivia possesses the largest lithium deposits in the world. A growing production of batteries and electric cars instigates an increased demand for lithium on the world market. In early November, the Bolivian authorities refused to cooperate with the Germans on lithium extraction. Instead, the Chinese and Russians could be involved in cooperation with Bolivia in this sphere. This is just a business: the US-educated Bolivian military is shooting civilians who protest against the preservation of power by the pro-US government. It is unlikely, however, that the interim government and their US patrons will swallow Bolivia so easily. The county is on the edge of civil war and chaos.


This is a conspiracy and no evidence is provided to support the claim. It is an example of a recurrent disinformation narrative about US-led regime change operations against left-wing governments in Latin America. Other examples of this narrative include the alleged presence of a US marine in the Venezuelan barricades and the promotion of a Ukraine-style 'colour revolution', the training of Venezuelan exiles in Guyana for military operations inside the country, preparations for a military intervention after forcing Brazil to join NATO, deliberate blackouts in South America caused by the US and the existence of plans for the secession of oil-rich regions in both Venezuela and Mexico.

This narrative also falls within the broader pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative attempting to deny the existence of genuine grass-roots protests, portraying them as foreign-led efforts and fake colour revolutions.

Read an earlier disinformation case claiming that Bolivia became a US target because of its lithium reserves, that the US overthrew the Bolivian president by a military junta when Maidan techniques did not help, that the US Intelligence co-opted Bolivian security services and that the US waged hybrid wars against Venezuela and Bolivia.


  • Reported in: Issue 174
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 21/11/2019
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Bolivia, US
  • Keywords: Civil war, Puppets, Colour revolutions, Coup, Conspiracy
  • Outlet: Stoletie
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USAID will sue several Moldovan mayors

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) will sue several local town halls because that money offered to equip the libraries with computers in the frame of “Novateca” project has disappeared. According to reliable sources of the portal, this was the decision of the review team, located in Moldova. They verified how the project, financed by the tycoon Bill Gates, was implemented.

Sources say that the district of Comrat recorded the biggest losses: only some computers out of more than one thousand sent from the US were received there.


No evidence provided.

USAID's representation in the Republic of Moldova denied to the information that it was planning to initiate legal proceedings against the mayors. USAID representatives commented:

EU observers are passive when it comes to Georgia’s provocations

The European Observers are completely passive and detached in relation to Georgia’s provocative actions at the South Ossetian border.

The President of South Ossetia, Anatoly Bibilov, directly addressed the co-chairs of the Geneva discussions, representatives of the EU observers’ mission in Georgia, and asked for decisive measures to be taken with Tbilisi to evade the real danger of a military conflict. However, there was no response. Georgia acts with the connivance of its Western partners.


This message is a part of a larger pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign against the EU's monitoring mission in Georgia (EUMM), which aims to undermine the international credibility of the mission by questioning its impartiality.

EUMM is an unarmed civilian monitoring mission of the European Union, deployed in September 2008 following the EU-mediated Six Point Agreement which ended the August war. The EUMM has been patrolling areas adjacent to the Administrative Boundary Lines with Abkhazia and South Ossetia day and night ever since, to ensure that there is no return to hostilities and to facilitate resumption of normal life for communities on the both sides of  Administrative Boundary Lines.

Tbilisi, Brussels and Washington orchestrate massive information attack against South Ossetia

The goal of the “Tsnelisi provocation” is to destroy the concept of South Ossetia’s border. A massive information attack orchestrated by Georgia, the EU and the USA against South Ossetia is another attempt by Tbilisi, Brussels and Washington to question the political consequences of the war in August 2008. Supported by its Western partners, Georgia is refusing to accept the consequences of its provocative actions. The country is refusing to sign a document on the non-use of force and is preparing its forces for a military conflict. The aim of South Ossetia is to put an end to Tbilisi’s aggression even by joining the Russian Federation.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative targeting the EU's monitoring mission in Georgia (EUMM), aiming to undermine its international credibility.

The Tsnelisi  incident took place on October 24 when the EUMM monitors had been detained by South Ossetian security actors. The EU Monitoring Mission released a statement noting that the incident "happened in an area understood to be on Tbilisi-Administered Territory in accordance with the traditional interpretation of the Administrative Boundary Line in that area."  See previous disinformation case accusing EU observers of border violation and provocation.