Disinfo: The US wants to destroy Belarusian economy and statehood


The US’s global goal is to build a unipolar world, and its goal towards Belarus is torpedoing integration in the post-Soviet space and of the Union State between Belarus and Russia. While nominally the US promised to deliver oil to Belarus, in reality, it is pushing Belarus to destroy its national economy. Instead of building a less dependent economy on Russia, Belarus can only become a totally dependent country on the West, without economy and statehood.


This is a conspiracy theory which is consistent with recurring Belarus-related pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about West's aggressiveness towards Belarus and its attempts to disrupt Belarusian-Russian relations. This message is based on a false dilemma about the direction of Belarus's political and economic development (successful union with Russia vs. ruined economy and lost statehood).

See similar propagandistic false dilemmas for Belarus: union with Russia vs. no future, normal development under Russia vs. forced Polonization and economic devastation, turning into a Russian western federal area vs. descent into Nazism. See also earlier disinformation cases claiming that the EU wants Belarus to lose its independence and is trying to disrupt Belarus-Russia relations.


  • Reported in: Issue 184
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 03/02/2020
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Russia, Belarus, US
  • Keywords: Conspiracy theory, Union State of Belarus and Russia, Energy, Economic difficulties
  • Outlet: Vmeste s Rossiyey
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The conflict in Donbas is an internal Ukrainian problem

For Donbas, this is an internal Ukrainian problem, and we [Russia] are doing everything we can to contribute to its solution.


One of the most common disinformation narratives claiming that Russia has nothing to do with the war in Ukraine. See a similar case denying Russia’s involvement in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

The European Union stated in July 2014 that "arms and fighters continue flowing into Ukraine from the Russian Federation". At the NATO Summit in Wales in September 2014 and at successive summits since then, NATO leaders condemned Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine in the strongest terms and demanded that Russia stop and withdraw its forces from Ukraine and along the country’s border. NATO leaders also demanded that Russia complies with international law and its international obligations and responsibilities; end its illegitimate occupation of Crimea; refrain from aggressive actions against Ukraine; halt the flow of weapons, equipment, people and money across the border to the separatists; and stop fomenting tension along and across the Ukrainian border.

Crimea is a Russian region

Crimea is a Russian region; in light of current development programmes, any proposal to supply water to [Crimea] on a commercial or a non-commercial basis can be considered.



This is a recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea.

Crimea is not Russian but was illegally annexed by Moscow based on an illegitimate referendum. On 27 March 2014, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution in which it stated that the referendum in Crimea was not valid and could not serve as a basis for any change in the status of the peninsula. On 17th December 2018, the UN General Assembly confirmed its non-recognition of the illegal annexation of Crimea.

RT watched more than CNN and BBC on Youtube

RT is the first TV channel around the world to cross the 10 billion mark on YouTube! The RT channel network outperformed all global news channels, including BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, Euronews and Fox News, after reaching 10 billion views on Youtube


It is unclear what methodology RT has used to reach the claim that it is the most-watched TV channel on Youtube. Anything close to the 10 billion figure can only be achieved by adding up viewership of all RT services in all languages. If we apply the same methodology to the BBC and CNN, they will comfortably pass the 10 billion views mark. As of 12/02/2020, the CNN News network has reached, at the very least, 11 billion views, and this does not include the non-news services owned by the CNN such as HBO. As for the BBC, the Youtube views of BBC news services in only 14 languages (out of 27) were at least 14 billion in 12/02/2020. This also does not include content such as sports and children's entertainment. It is also not clear whether RT has included its non-news outlets/Youtube channels (e.g. RT Sport) to the 10 billion figure.

See a similar earlier case here.