Disinfo: The USA can organise a “Maidan” in Poland, exerting pressure on the Polish authorities


The fight for TVN is not over and it will not end after the PiS adopts the new media law. If the Law and Justice Party thinks that it will be able to humiliate the United States, it is fundamentally wrong. America is a powerful country – it will be able to deal with the PiS. The US has many different tools of pressure. For example, it can transfer the American business to another EU country. Also, it can move out people on the streets and we will have the same Maidan as it was in Kyiv.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the colour revolutions. This is consistent with the narrative about popular protests around the world, which claims that they are incited and funded by Western states, including colour revolutions in post-Soviet states, the “Arab Spring” revolts, Euromaidan in Ukraine, protests in Catalonia and others. It claims that protests, disorders and civil uprisings are never manifestations of popular discontent but are “colour revolutions” directed and funded by the West.

The claim that the “USA can organise a Maidan in Poland” in order to exert political pressure on the Polish authorities is ungrounded.

Currently, Poland faces a domestic political dispute around the so-called “TVN law”, which was recently adopted by the Polish Parliament. This amendment prevents non-European companies from owning a majority of shares in Polish media. According to the Polish authorities, this law protects the Polish media market from Russian and Chinese propaganda. The Polish opposition and media community believe that this law is aimed against the most popular anti-governmental media group TVN, which is owned by the American Discovery company. The US authorities and the EU showed their worries with this law, which may undermine the situation with media freedom in Poland.

See related examples of disinformation messages alleging that the protests in Belarus are a colour revolution conducted according to Maidan scenario; the EU continues to support a colour revolution in Belarus; the EU provoked a civil war in Ukraine, now it destabilises Belarus; and that the West wants to prepare Maidan in Belarus.


  • Reported in: Issue 255
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 11/08/2021
  • Article language(s) Polish
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Poland, US
  • Keywords: Jarosław Kaczynski, Democracy, US presence in Europe, Freedom of speech, Mainstream media, Colour revolutions
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Disinfo: Bulgarian “journalist” Christo Grozev key in an ecosystem directed by MI6 and the CIA

The Bulgarian journalist Christo Grozev is a key segment of an ecosystem, directed by MI6 and the CIA, aimed at destabilising Russia's domestic social balance and hindering its interests in Eastern Europe. Grozev oversees the most closed segments of this anti-Russia ecosystem that operate within Russian media and educational and scientific organisations. Grozev declares his connections with the corrupt part of Russian secret services. He has helped Navalny to access the databanks of Russian secret services and to organise surveillance and provocations against officials of these services.


Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative aimed at discrediting serious Western journalists that engage in research on Kremlin-promoted hybrid warfare and hostile influence operations (disinformation, assassination attempts against opposition figures and defectors, clandestine paramilitary operations) by claiming that they spread disinformation and are driven by “Russophobia”.

This article adds a new twist to the narrative by claiming that such journalists are controlled by Western intelligence services and that they are involved in the West’s alleged efforts to destabilise Russia.

Disinfo: The West is waging a hybrid war against Russia using NGOs and activists

The West and the globalist elite are using an ecosystem made up of different elements and instruments to wage hybrid warfare against Russia. This ecosystem is composed of Western-funded media, human rights organisations, NGOs, bloggers, artists, scientists and opposition politicians. But the striking force of the West's hybrid warfare ecosystem directed against Russia are the agents of influence that operate at various levels of the Russian power hierarchy, including at the very top level.

There are top-level Russian officials who disguise themselves as Putin loyalists but are Western agents of influence and carriers of global liberal values. These agents of influence are usually labelled “the 6th column”.

The goals, priorities and strategies of the hybrid war ecosystem that is attacking Russia are set by an authority linked to Western military structures and intelligence services.


This article repeats a narrative, increasingly spread by pro-Kremlin outlets, claiming that the West is waging a hybrid war against Russia. This narrative fits into the broader disinformation theme about the West’s allegedly belligerent and hostile agenda against Russia, and about its alleged plans to destabilise and encircle Russia.

The article’s message is also consistent with the recurrent pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative claiming that Western intelligence services control Russian opposition politicians, independent journalists, human rights and environmental NGOs, and other actors that are critical of the Kremlin. It adds a new twist to this narrative by alleging that the West has recruited Russian officials at the highest levels of power as its covert “agents of influence”.

Disinfo: Migrants in Lithuania are kept in concentration camps in unsanitary conditions

Migrants from the Middle East escaped from the Rudninkai camp in Lithuania. [...]

This is a camp for migrants, where about 500 people are kept in unsanitary conditions. On Tuesday, August 10, 20 migrants fled from the "concentration camp" as it was called.

Against the background of the aggravation in Afghanistan, migrants from the Middle East are fleeing to Europe through Belarus. They are stopped at the Lithuanian border and driven to camps, where people are beaten and otherwise humiliated.


Disinformation about migration and Lithuania.

While it is true that 7 migrants unlawfully left a migration camp in Lithuania on 8 August 2021, claims that migrants are kept in "concentration camps" or in unsanitary conditions are false.