Disinfo: The victory over Nazism is completely down to Russia


In the case of Russia, concepts like Nazism, World War 2 and the Great Patriotic War are all undergoing a major revision. Russia will be deprived of intangible value: the victory in the Great Patriotic War and over Nazism. But the victory was completely due to Russia. Of course the Allies and other countries assisted but it was Russia that suffered most; bearing the lion’s share of all the losses and burdens of the war.


An unfounded statement, not supported by evidence. Previously, European political leaders attended Victory Day celebrations, only stopping after the Russian aggression in Ukraine. Media, scholars and historians in Europe regularly refer to the Soviet contributions in WW2. "The Red Army was "the main engine of Nazism's destruction," writes British historian and journalist Max Hastings in "Inferno: The World at War, 1939-1945". In several European countries, memorials are in place to commemorate the USSR's contribution to the victory over Nazism.

In fact, it is the Russian government which has consciously exploited the epic of Soviet victory over Nazi Germany for political reasons and minimised or denied the role played by other Allied powers. Examples can be seen here and here.

While blaming the West for a revision of history, this disinformation narrative goes to another extreme, assigning victory only to Russia: talking about Russia's victory, Russia's merit, Russia's losses and Russia's suffering. Neither the USSR, or the 14 other Soviet republics are mentioned. The estimated losses for each Soviet Republic given by Russian historian Vadim Erlikman are here. By these estimations, Belarus lost 25,3 % of its population, Ukraine 16.3%,  Armenia 13,6%, and Russia 12,7% (both military and civilian deaths).


  • Reported in: Issue 154
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 07/06/2019
  • Language/target audience: Armenian, Russian
  • Country: Russia
  • Keywords: World War 2, Historical revisionism, WWII, Nazi/Fascist
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US is against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline because it wants to destroy Europe

US is against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline because America wants to destroy Europe, as one of its main economic competitors. The destruction of Europe is going to happen through the increase in the energy prices, to make its economy uncompetitive, and by ripping UK out from Europe.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the US presence in Europe.

The US Congress has been opposing the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in Europe as a threat to energy and national security of European allies. Such position is shared by the European Parliament as well.

The Green party in Germany represents neo-liberal policies of US and is funded by Soros to stop the Nord Stream 2

So called Green Khmer – the Green party may come to power in Germany. They represent the neo-liberal policies that originates in the US and are funded to a large extent by Soros. These are the political forces that will attempt to stop the Nord Stream 2.


Conspiracy theory consistent with recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about US presence in Europe and George Soros.

The Alliance 90/The Green Party in Germany has been known to advocate environmental protection and sustainable development for decades.