Disinfo: The way that the US fled Afghanistan means that the end of America is likely


Shortly before the US flight from Afghanistan, the US embassy in Kabul devoted all its efforts to celebrating the transgender and perverts week. This demonstrates that American domination and the hegemony of liberal ideology are collapsing. Western civilisation has gone mad. The way that the US fled Afghanistan means that the end of America is likely.


A recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about US disintegration. The article also contains the broader pro-Kremlin narrative about the decadence of the West, which is allegedly collapsing. This narrative describes the liberal West as a materialistic, immoral, corrupt and perverted society that subverts traditional values, often depicting LGBT+ rights movements as the most emblematic expression of Western decadence.

There is no factual evidence to support the article’s apocalyptic claim that the US will “probably end” because of the way it withdrew from Afghanistan. Nor is there any evidence to support the article’s suggestion that Western civilisation “has gone mad” because of concern in Western societies about the rights of LGBT+ people. Pro-Kremlin outlets often use gender-based narratives targeting LGBTI+ people. Such narratives lie at the heart of the Kremlin’s self-identification as a global force opposed to a decadent and morally corrupt West – positioning Russia as the protector of traditional values (such as the conventional family) and as the saviour of European civilisation.

Predictions about a US civil war or disintegration of the US, caused by moral collapse, racial conflicts, or other factors, have been a common pro-Kremlin narrative since the fall of the Soviet Union and have been increasingly emphasised by various pro-Kremlin outlets since the 2020 racial justice protests in the US and the US presidential elections. The theme of US disintegration is again re-emerging in pro-Kremlin outlets in connection with the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Read similar cases claiming that the US could collapse after withdrawal from Afghanistan just like USSR collapsed after it withdrew from the country, that the US government and military are conducting a cultural war against traditional American values, and that The US is collapsing, it is no longer neither a country nor a nation


  • Reported in: Issue 258
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 31/08/2021
  • Article language(s) Spanish, Russian, English, Italian
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: US, Afghanistan
  • Keywords: LGBT, Western values, US disintegration
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Disinfo: Lithuania applies double standards to refugees

Lithuania applies double standards to refugees. People who arrived from Kabul receive full refugee privileges. They are welcome in Lithuania and the EU.

Those who arrived from Belarus will spend winter in the tents behind barbed wire. Almost all got a negative answer about asylum in Lithuania. Now it is just one question: how to kick them out of Lithuania.


This article combines the topic of the migration crisis on the Lithuanian-Belarusian border with that of the evacuation to Lithuania of Afghans who worked with Lithuanian troops.

Over 100 interpreters and their families were evacuated to Lithuania from Afghanistan. These people were in danger of repression from the Taliban due to their collaboration with Lithuanian troops.

Disinfo: Joe Biden's administration uses Russophobia to limit America's gun rights

Joe Biden's administration uses Russophobia to limit America's gun rights. The latest sanctions against Russia go beyond trying to tarnish the image of the country through unproven accusations, they are a clear attack against the Republican Party and the National Rifle Association. As a response to the alleged “poisoning of Alexei Navalny with Novichok”, the Biden Administration imposed a 12-month ban on the “permanent import of fire weapons or ammunitions fabricated or stored in Russia”. As usually happens with US sanctions, no evidence was provided to back the accusations. When it comes to use Russophobia as a geopolitical weapon of last resort, Democrats and Republicans are reading exactly the same script.


Allegations of “Russophobia” are a frequent pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative to deflect any criticism for Russia’s illicit actions. In this case, it also aims to frame sanctions by the Biden Administration as a domestic partisan issue against gun rights.

The US imposed additional sanctions on Russia on 20 August 2021 over its use of a Novichok nerve agent in the poisoning of Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny the previous year. And contrary to the claim, these accusations have been proven beyond any doubt.

Disinfo: Crimea Platform was a staged show

A duet of Saakashvili and Zelenskyy put on the show one after the other. "Crimea Platform" is also a show they staged, which was not attended by a single leader of the G7 and G20 countries.


This is an emerging disinformation narrative spread by pro-Kremlin outlets in response to the Crimea Platform Summit, a high-level international conference held in August 2021 that was initiated by Ukraine and focused on Russia's illegal annexation of the Crimean peninsula.

The Crimea Platform summit, held on 23 August in Kyiv, was an international event that established a coordination mechanism to end the occupation of Crimea and guarantee human rights on the peninsula.