DISINFO: The West aims to destabilise Russia using its historic territories
  • Outlet: bgr.news-front.info (archived)*
  • Date of publication: July 24, 2021
  • Article language(s): Bulgarian
  • Reported in: Issue 255
  • Countries / regions discussed: Russia, Ukraine
Ukrainian statehood War in Ukraine Eastern Ukraine West Orthodox Church

DISINFO: The West aims to destabilise Russia using its historic territories


Russia will not allow its historic territories to be used against it. The Ukrainian people still have the chance to protect themselves from the Western puppet masters, who orchestrated the tragic fraternal war in the Donbas. Ukrainians should rely on Orthodox Christianity, a primary weapon yet to be destroyed by the Western curators. Currently, however, the Americans control the whole political system in Ukraine and are removing all other foreign influences.


A recurrent disinformation narrative denying Ukraine’s statehood and misrepresenting Ukraine as being externally controlled by the West. The article serves to undermine confidence in Ukraine’s sovereignty and paint Western states as aggressors, while falsely presenting Russia’s aggressive policies against Ukraine as defensive and justified.

The origins of the war are traced back to the Euromaidan protest movement, also known as the Revolution of Dignity. It started with mass protests in Kyiv against then-President Yanukovych’s decision in November 2013 to abandon the association agreement with the EU in favour of trade ties with Russia.

In stark contrast, there is overwhelming evidence that Russia is directly and unlawfully involved in the war in Ukraine and that it has been actively threatening Ukraine’s territorial integrity since 2014. And yet the Kremlin continues to deny that it is a party to the conflict. Moreover, the Kremlin has not shown any willingness to stop directly interfering in Ukraine’s internal affairs.

There is no evidence that Ukrainian politics are controlled by the West. In support of its self-defence, Ukraine receives indirect support from Western states and organisations in a fully transparent and legal manner. In contradiction to the claims that the West has aggressive intentions, the EU, the US, and NATO have repeatedly stressed their opposition to further escalations and the need for a diplomatic solution implementing the Minsk Agreement. Detailed and accurate overviews of cooperation between Ukraine and NATO, the EU and the US are available online.

The notion that the West wishes to destroy (or control) Orthodox Christianity is a recurrent disinformation narrative. Additionally, the claim that Ukrainians should rely on Orthodox Christianity directly contradicts systematic attempts by Kremlin and Kremlin-controlled media to undermine the independence of the Ukrainian Orthodox church. Thus, Pro-Kremlin media use Ukrainian Orthodoxy in a manipulative and self-contradicting manner. Depending on the needs, it is presented as an important cultural cornerstone that unites Russia and Ukraine, or a Russophobic project that is at the heart of the supposedly artificial nation of Ukraine. The Kremlin often uses Orthodox Christianity as a tool of disinformation and of political (de)legitimization inside and outside Russia.

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