DISINFO: The West attempts to form a belt of instability around Russia
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DISINFO: The West attempts to form a belt of instability around Russia


Western countries are trying to create a belt of instability around Russia, to surround it with a kind of "cordon sanitaire".

Such attempts are being undertaken at the expense of Russia's close neighbours and partners, including Belarus and Moldova, who are forced to make a choice, "either you are with the West, or you are with Russia”.

This line of the West manifested itself in the most vivid way in Ukraine, and the methods of colour revolutions have been tried to be “tested” in Belarus in recent months as well. The US and EU countries have launched a geopolitical struggle for Moldova, not disdaining open propaganda during the election campaign.

The ultimate goal of the Western states is to build up the internal political situation in Russia on the eve of the State Duma elections.


A mix of recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about popular protests as Western-led colour revolutions, Euromaidan in Ukraine, Belarus as an innocent victim of the West, the West encircling Russia, and Russia as the ultimate target of international events.

These types of narratives portray any spontaneous disorders or civil uprisings in any state and more particularly in the former Soviet republics, as "Western-funded colour revolutions". According to the pro-Kremlin media, protests and civil uprisings are never manifestations of genuine popular discontent and political desires manifested by the population but are foreign engineered colour revolutions directed and funded by Western intelligence services or other Western actors, to destabilise targeted foreign states and bring about regime change.

Ukraine is the main case used by pro-Kremlin media to prove the existence of such a narrative, focusing on the Revolution of Dignity (Euromaidan) which took place in 2013.

Western countries did not organise protests in Belarus. Large-scale protests began in Minsk to contest the results of the presidential election in Belarus on 9 August 2020, which were not monitored by independent experts, and are largely considered fraudulent by both international observers and a large part of the Belarusian society. People revolted against election fraud and police violence towards thousands of rally participants.

Neither the US nor the EU have interfered in any way in Moldovan snap elections. For background information, read here how disinformation did not work in the Moldovan parliamentary elections.

Last but not least, the claim that the calls made by Navalny’s team to protest are foreign engineered colour revolutions is a baseless accusation. The 2021 Russian protests that began on 23 January 2021, erupted in support of the arrested opposition leader Alexei Navalny and as a reaction to the investigation of Putin's Palace. Pro-Kremlin outlets now also try to discredit the West ahead of the Duma elections and allege that the West is trying to interfere in the internal political processes in Russia in order to destabilise the situation. There is no ultimate goal of the Western states to somehow influence the political processes in Russia.

Read more about the concept of "colour revolutions" in the pro-Kremlin media here.


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