Disinfo: The West ignores Sputnik V and does not allow others to use it


А vaccine (Sputnik V) has been created that can save the lives of millions of people. But the West is ignoring that and does not allow others to use it. It would seem that when it comes to human destinies, all reproaches and contradictions should be put aside, but the interests of the superpowers, as it turns out, are still of greater value than people’s lives.

Do not be surprised if soon some European country asks Russia for its vaccine and organises its production. And the West, naturally, will not allow Georgia to do the same, and in addition, will severely threaten Georgia with a finger. The Georgian leadership, of course, will be afraid to put up resistance and will put Western interests in the first place, and not the urgent need of their own country.


A recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about lost sovereignty, challenging Georgian statehood, as if Georgia is ruled by the West and the pressure of the West is depriving Georgian people of the chance to get the Russian vaccine and be saved.

European Union is not against the Russian vaccine and does not ignore it. For any medicament to be used in the EU, it must first be approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). According to EMA's latest statements it "has to date not received an application for a rolling review or a marketing authorisation for the [Sputnik V] vaccine".

As for Georgia, each country is free to choose a vaccine for its people. Georgia has officially been a member of the COVAX Facility and sent an official application to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, regarding the purchase of about 700,000 vaccines (1.4 million doses). Georgia is discussing obtaining the Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna vaccines, all candidates that the country can use within COVAX. COVAX platform had confirmed its readiness to provide Georgian medical staff with the Pfizer vaccine. The government expects Georgian citizens will have access to the AstraZeneca vaccine.

See similar cases claiming that The US and the EU govern Georgia, that The West does not allow Georgia to conduct direct dialogue with Russia independently, that Georgia is a testing ground for the West, that The West is forcing Georgia to propagate homosexuality, or that Georgia is governed by the US ambassador and the EU.


  • Reported in: Issue 232
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 06/02/2021
  • Outlet language(s) Russian
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Georgia, Russia
  • Keywords: Sputnik V, vaccination, West, Puppets
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Disinfo: Most influential European media are backing away from propaganda against Sputnik V

The most influential European media backed away from the propaganda that aimed at discrediting the Russian vaccine and has now started to talk about the good sides of the “Sputnik V” vaccine. This indicates a change in attitudes, especially after the publication of the report of the British scientific journal “The Lancet” that opened the eyes of sceptics on the reality: the “Sputnik V” vaccine efficacity and safety has been scientifically confirmed in fighting the Coronavirus.


Disinformation that exploits the coronavirus pandemic claiming that there is a Russophobic campaign against Sputnik V vaccine.

The claim that the “most influential European media” was trying to discredit the Sputnik V vaccine is not supported by factual evidence. Their critical view was linked to the lack of transparency which accompanied the vaccine's approval process.

Disinfo: Sweden wants to punish Russia

Sweden wants to punish Russia for the fiasco of the “revolution of the zip fly”: The Navalny Cubs are enlisted as “Democratic Friends”.


The claim refers to a debate in the parliament, where a member of the Swedish parliment, the Riksdag, requested information from the cabinet on what kind of measures the Swedish government is planning to support the democratic movement in Russia.

Sweden has denounced the conviction of dissident Alexei Navalny and has expressed support for the Russian people's human rights and freedom of speech. Sweden is not an advocate of a policy of "punishment", but demands that the Russian authorities fulfil their obligations according to International law and the Russian constitution.

Disinfo: Navalny was allegedly poisened with Novichok, but no proof was provided

Numerous politicians from the EU and the USA have repeatedly criticised the Russian government in recent months in connection with the political blogger Alexei Navalny. The latter had collapsed and fallen into a coma during a flight in Russia on August 20. After an emergency landing, he was initially treated in a hospital in Russia, where doctors diagnosed him with a metabolic disorder and explicitly ruled out poisoning. Still in a coma, he was flown out to Germany at the request of his family for further treatment, where it was allegedly determined that Navalny had been poisoned with the military-grade nerve agent Novichok. […]

The Russian government rejects this claim and demands proof of the alleged poisoning.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative portraying the poisoning of prominent Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny as staged and targeted against Russia.

The prominent Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny fell ill during a flight from Siberia to Moscow on the 20th of August. Initially hospitalised in Omsk, at the request of his family he was transferred to Charité hospital in Berlin.