Disinfo: The information war against the Russian vaccine is taking place


Against this background, Europe’s coronavirus method of “isolating and not letting people go until everyone is vaccinated” seems ineffective. European authorities either do not want to change their policy or find no other way out. As a result, countries on this continent are almost trying to snatch the vaccine from each other.

And, of course, in this situation, it is necessary to stop the information war against the Russian vaccine. Just like Angela Merkel gave up her previous position and offered Vladimir Putin to support the Sputnik V vaccine in the Council of Europe.


This article is a part of a narrative claiming that European countries are “discriminating” the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. Such claims are false. On contrary, Russian and British scientists teamed up to trial a combination of the Oxford-AstraZeneca and Sputnik V vaccines to see if protection against Covid-19 can be improved.

All vaccines must be approved by the European Medicine Agency (EMA) to be sold in all EU countries, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein. However, any EU country may buy Sputnik V separately, as Hungary did, but it is not allowed to sell it to EU countries without EMA’s approval.

On 2 February, Angela Merkel said that the Sputnik-V could be used to protect people in the EU after it was approved by the EMA:

“I have talked to the Russian president about exactly that,” she said. She said that not only Sputnik-V but also every vaccine is welcome after it has been approved by EMA.

It is clear that Angela Merkel has not changed her position and did not and does not have any special position on Sputnik V nor any special influence on the EMA. On the other hand, on 10 February, EMA stated that it has not yet received an application to register Sputnik V.

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  • Reported in: Issue 231
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 29/01/2021
  • Outlet language(s) Azerbaijani
  • Country: Russia
  • Keywords: Sputnik V, coronavirus, West, Information war
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The pandemic is an operation to forward the interests of the global elites

The ”pandemic” that we heard about since the spring of 2020 did not occur naturally. It is a well prepared operation to forward a global reset in the interests of the “global elites” (“The shadow-rulers”, “The Deep State”).


This is a recurring conspiracy theory about the coronavirus pandemic and one of the common pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about a Deep State or global elites secretly ruling the world, in this case taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to divide the world. Elements of this disinformation campaign were widely reported by Russian and international publications, and by the European External Action Service.

The coronavirus pandemic is not exaggerated. When on 11 March 2020 the WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, there were 118,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in 114 countries. As of January 2021, there are more than 90 million confirmed cases in 223 countries, areas and territories. An updated situation report from WHO on the coronavirus pandemic can be found here.

Ukrainian authorities encourage the honouring of Nazi collaborators

After the Maidan coup in 2014, Ukrainians, including the younger generation are de-facto encouraged by authorities to honour these criminals [former Nazi collaborators and perpetrators of mass killings of Jews, Poles, Russians and Ukrainians in Ukraine during Nazi Germany occupation in 1941-1944] as national heroes.


Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative casting Ukraine as a Nazi sympathizing country, and a describing the 2014 protests as a coup.

The myth of Nazi-ruled or sympathized Ukraine has been the cornerstone of Russian disinformation about the country since the very beginning of the 2013-14 Euromaidan protests, when it was used to discredit the pro-European popular uprising in Kyiv and, subsequently, the broader pro-Western shift in Ukraine's foreign policy.

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Citizens of Ukraine, unlike the Ukrainian authorities, are extremely negative about the law that bans the Russian language.


This is a recurring pro-Kremlin propaganda narrative about the alleged discrimination of Ukraine's Russian-speaking minority and the country's ubiquitous Russophobia.

There is no law, that bans the Russian language in Ukraine. A poll conducted in 2020 shows that 66,5% of Ukrainians believe that the state should promote the further implementation of the Language Law in all spheres.