Disinfo: The West is using the “colour revolution” model in China


Today, the collective West is trying to overthrow China according to the model of the “colour” revolutions it used to do in non-obedient countries. It can be said with confidence that the mass anti-government protests that started in Hong Kong in 2019 did not come from a vacuum, but were supported by Western-funded NGOs.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative claiming that Hong Kong protests are supported and funded by the US and/or by other Western states.

The pro-Kremlin media frequently use disinformation narratives about popular protests allegedly incited and funded by the US around the world, including colour revolutions in post-Soviet states, the “Arab Spring” revolts, Euromaidan in Ukraine, protests in Catalonia and others.

There is no evidence that protests in Hong Kong are funded and organised by the US or other Western governments.

The protests in Hong Kong started in June 2019 when hundreds of thousands of people protested against a legislative proposal that would have allowed extraditions to mainland China. The protests continued for months, as they morphed into a battle over Beijing’s deepening control of the city. Protesters demanded electoral reforms and an independent investigation into police violence. Chinese state-run media sought to discredit the protesters, calling their actions "terrorism", and to spread disinformation.

Recently, China's parliament approved a controversial Hong Kong national security law that threatens to limit freedoms in the semi-autonomous state. The move will bypass Hong Kong's internal legislature to punish acts that subvert state power.

See earlier disinformation cases claiming that the Hong Kong protests are the West’s revenge on China for not waging war against Russia, that the U.S. uses all colour revolution technologies in Hong Kong to destabilize China, and that Britain and US are organising the protests in Hong Kong.


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  • Reported in: Issue 208
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 17/07/2020
  • Language/target audience: Arabic
  • Country: China, Hong Kong
  • Keywords: Conspiracy theory, West, Protest, Colour revolutions, Conspiracy, The West


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MH17 crashed because of a terrorist attack on board

Photographs from the scene of the tragedy confirm doubts about the (official) version of the destruction of the plane by a BUK air defence missile system and confirm the version of a terrorist attack onboard the aircraft. As evidence of this state of affairs, the aviation expert drew attention to the fact that no shrapnel wounds were found on the fragments of the pilot’s body, which was located closer to the alleged explosion of the rocket. In addition, there are other things which confirm the version of an explosion on board MH17.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the MH17 crash, aiming to undermine the Joint International Investigation and subsequent criminal trial.

Three years ago, this same 'aviation expert', Yuriy Antipov, claimed that MH-17 crashed because of an explosion on board. He claimed that a bomb was planted on the plane in the Netherlands. Also, in 2017, Antipov said that a BUK missile system, shown on videos by the Investigation Team (JIT), was brought there by Ukrainian forces.

MH17: The Netherlands is staging a provocation against Russia in the ECHR

Although the evidence shows that Ukraine is guilty [in the crash of MH17], the circus continues. That is, six years after the disaster, the Netherlands decided to file a petition with the ECHR, using an openly contrived pretext to arrange a provocation in court using fake data.

In any case, as long as the Russian Federation is the “main suspect” because the West has decided so, it is Russia that will bear all the lawsuits, and not Ukraine, the real culprit of the tragedy.


Recurrent pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative on the downing of flight MH17 over Ukraine, aiming to discredit the criminal trial and the Joint Investigation Team (JIT).

The Netherlands brought the MH17 case against Russia before the European Court of Human Rights. The Netherlands submitted an inter-State application sharing all available and relevant information with the court and supported individual applications of the next of kin of the passengers of Flight MH17. ‘Achieving justice for 298 victims of the downing of Flight MH17 is and will remain the government’s highest priority,’ said Dutch foreign minister Stef Blok.

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia engage in political censorship

The ban on broadcasting RT television channel Sputnik, in Latvia and Lithuania is a direct violation of the obligations of media freedom undertaken by the Baltic states. The Federation Council of Russia believes that such actions of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia violate the principles of freedom of speech and unhindered dissemination of information, which are fundamental norms of the OSCE and the Council of Europe.


This claim tries to portray EU sanctions on Russia, the result of its illegal actions in Ukraine, as unfair persecution against Sputnik and its employees, and against media freedom in general. In all of the mentioned countries, Sputnik and RT are being accused of spreading disinformation, violating copyrights, acting as a propaganda instrument.

In Estonia, Sputnik is wrongly represented as a victim of unprecedented persecution. These statements have already been debunked before. The steps taken by Estonia are based on the Article 2 of the Council Regulation (EU) No 269/2014 on the territorial integrity of Ukraine that foresees freezing the assets of Dmitry Kiselyov, the Director-General of Rossija Segodnya.