Disinfo: The West plans to attack China financially for the coronavirus outbreak just as it did to Russia


The Western world and its satellites added China to the group of countries which are demanded to pay trillions of dollars in compensation and reparations. Previously, the reasons behind compensation from Russia included the partition of Poland, Crimea, MH17, the Kuril islands, the Skripal and Yukos cases, global warming due to Russian oil and gas, the Nord Stream, Donbas, interference in elections in the US, UK, Montenegro, Madagascar, etc. The absurd blame that the West attempts to put on China is the following: If China had not censored information on the coronavirus epidemic and informed about its development more quickly, the Western countries would be better prepared for it and would not have had as high death tolls and would not bear as much economic loss as they have experienced. Class actions against China for covering up information in the early stages of epidemic will likely get political support from the US administration. Putting the blame for its own mistakes on external enemies is a normal tactic that the US and others used earlier against Russia and other countries. The legal nihility of such actions will not undermine their judicial prospects. The UK’s government may apply the same secret weapon against China that it previously used against Russia, the “highly likely” implication. It is used by London instead of any concrete proof behind the crimes that Moscow is blamed for. The West has either already found, or will soon find, Chinese Browder and Khodorkovsky who would be used in attempts to squeeze trillions of dollars from China. The stunt with class actions will be used as a pretext to introduce anti-Chinese economic sanctions.


This is a recurrent conspiracy trope, consistent with recurring pro-Kremlin propaganda narratives about Russophobia and the West's deliberate anti-Russian activities, which is applied to China. It attempts to ridicule various Russia-related cases by bundling various incidents together. It mixes up cases where strong facts exist proving Russian implication (MH17 shooting, Skripal cases, Donbas invasion, etc.) with non-existent alleged claims such as compensation for constructing Nord Stream or for global warming. So far, at least four federal class-action lawsuits have been filed in the US against the Chinese government that aim to recover trillions of dollars in damages for what plaintiffs allege is China's failure to contain the coronavirus outbreak and notify the international community about its danger. Legal experts believe the chance of these actions leading to any actual recoveries is slim. See earlier disinformation cases alleging that WADA's doping accusations, just like Skripal case and the downing of MH17 are Russophobic provocations, that Belgium and Malaysia believe the MH17 trial is politically biased against Russia, and that no evidence exists of the alleged poisoning of the Skripals.


  • Reported in: Issue 193
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 09/04/2020
  • Outlet language(s) Russian
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: China, UK, US, Ukraine, Russia
  • Keywords: coronavirus, Nord Stream 2, Sergei Skripal, election meddling, Yukos, Anti-Russian, Sanctions, Conspiracy theory, Donbas, MH17
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Ukrainians attempt to save people from coronavirus using plastic bags

It’s surprising, but it’s a fact: While international medical science is moving forward and achieves new heights, Ukraine has managed to sink to new lows. There is reason to believe that patients not long from now will face healing through dances with drums. A doctor of one of the Ukrainian hospitals spoke about the fight against a shortage of ventilation machines during the outbreak of coronavirus and proposed so-called Bubble-CPAP technology. This method is about putting an ordinary plastic bag on the head of the patient with two tubes leading oxygen in and out. If, literally 5 years ago, Ukrainian doctors were real specialists, now they are more like savages from the jungle who call on the gods to defeat this or that disease. It will not be surprising if the next proposal by Ukrainian doctors is to immediately place those infected with COVID-19 in body bags.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about the coronavirus, alleging that Ukraine is a degrading state. It is an unfounded claim on Ukraine's readiness for handling cases of the coronavirus. The use of so-called Bubble-CPAP technology is not a Ukrainian invention, nor is it exclusively found in Ukraine. This technology does involve a simple plastic bag, and is crucial in areas with a shortage of ventilators. "We have one hose to breathe, which we connect to oxygen. We have an adapter. And one that goes to the jar," explains Ukrainian doctor Volodymyr Korsunov. "It is possible to apply this method when there are no devices for ventilation. In order for the patient to wait until the ventilator is available. If you need mechanical ventilation, it will not save the person. On the other hand, there are a certain number of patients who can recover from this method without requiring artificial ventilation in the future" says Korsunov. In different hospitals around the world due to the shortage of ventilators for Covid-19 patients, alternative modifying oxygen devices are being used. For example, Italian doctors have been trying to fight the Coronavirus or the COVID-19 by using a new type of equipment called 'bubble helmets' to treat critically unstable patients that need breathing assistance. It can also be noted that the outlet sinks to the use of derogatory stereotypes, refering to "savages" with drums.

EU member states were just thinking of themselves during the coronavirus crisis

The story of the epidemic in Italy, and how it found itself in the first weeks of the outbreak left to the mercy of fate and without the help of its partners in the European Union, showed perfectly that when a general disaster strikes, everyone just thinks of themselves.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the lack of inter-EU solidarity.

EU Member States have been actively helping each other in this crisis, which most EU member states have been grappling with themselves. For example, German hospitals offering to treat critical coronavirus patients from France as well as taking in patients from Italy and the Czech Republic sending masks to Italy.

Western-backed anti-government forces use the COVID-19 crisis to destabilise Russia

It becomes obvious that anti-government Western-backed forces are trying to use the COVID-19 crisis to destabilize the situation in Russia.


An unfounded conspiracy theory. One of many recurring Kremlin disinformation narratives claiming that the outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus is man-made. Consistent with a narrative suggesting that the West is using biological weapons to stage "colour revolutions" in other countries.