Disinfo: The West remembers the annexation of Crimea less and less


Russia and its European partners have learned to circumvent the sanctions, reducing their effectiveness, after which the problem of Crimea began to rapidly lose relevance.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the illegal annexation of Crimea.

The EU still does not recognise the illegal annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol by the Russian Federation and continues to condemn this violation of international law. In June 2020 the European Council decided to renew the sanctions introduced in response to the illegal annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol by the Russian Federation until 23 June 2021.

Read similar cases claiming that Crimean people have expressed their desire to rejoin Russia in a democratic process and that Crimea never belonged to Ukraine.


  • Reported in: Issue 206
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 28/07/2020
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: EU, Russia, Ukraine
  • Keywords: illegal annexation, West, Crimea


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Americans want Ukraine to grow GMO products

The US wants Ukraine to grow GMO products, and they will help. The US does not give a task – grow whatever you want. Instead, they want Ukraine to grow GMO products, the Americans will help with this. Sell the land, become farm labourers. Ukrainians will grow the products that they need and not the ones that are profitable and traditionally produced by Ukraine.


No evidence given. Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative alleging that Ukraine is controlled by the US.

Ukraine is a sovereign state, not controlled by any foreign government. The new law on the land market states that only Ukrainian citizens and companies registered in Ukraine and under Ukrainian law will be eligible to buy agricultural land in Ukraine. Other restrictions are prescribed by the law.

The US needs Poland as a Trojan horse to prevent EU unity and EU-Russia rapprochement

Andrzej Duda’s re-election as Polish president means that Polish anti-Russian policies will continue and Belarus will become one of the main objects of Polish influence. US military presence in Poland will strengthen and Warsaw will be the initiator of various provocations up to the deployment of US nuclear missiles in the Baltic sea region.

Relying on the US, Poland will also have confrontational relations with the EU countries, Germany and France in the first place. Poland will continue to be US’s Trojan horse in Europe. The US’s goals are to prevent rapprochement of Germany and France with Russia and to bring controversies into the project of European integration, and Poland is very instrumental in this regard.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about Russophobic Poland, its vassal status, the US presence in Europe and Polish-US relations. The Kremlin-controlled media regularly accuses Polish political establishment of Russophobia and the implementation of anti-Russian policies, and present Poland as US's vassal country.

The statement that Poland is not a sovereign state is a conspiracy theory. Poland is an independent state, which shapes its own foreign and domestic policies.

Polish Catholics interfere in Belarus’s affairs, Catholics should be converted to Orthodox Christianity

Poland interferes in the Belarusian presidential elections through Catholics. Polish Catholics try to initiate riots and mass protests in Belarus. They initiated a campaign against electoral fraud, likely thanks to the US State Department money. The Western security bodies have long time ago bought off all Catholic institutions. All Catholics are controlled by Uncle Sam. Earlier similar policies were conducted by the Orthodox Autocephalous Church.

Half of Catholic priests in Belarus come from Poland. They are governed by the rules imposed from outside Belarus, but Belarusian Catholics are under their bad influence. They need to be saved, including through conversion into Orthodox Christianity, which has the truth, God, and God-elected president, not an agent of Western security bodies.


Conspiracy theory aimed at discrediting the Belarusian Roman Catholic Church, the Belarusian Orthodox Autocephalous Church, Poland and the US. This is a radical modification of recurring pro-Kremlin propaganda narrative about the West's aggressive plans to destabilise Belarus and organise a colour revolution.

In the past pro-Kremlin media outlets accused Tadevush Kondrasevich, the Belarusian Roman Catholic Archbishop, of holding an anti-Soviet and Russophobic worldview, and claimed that Nazis and Vatican oppose the Union State between Belarus and Russia. They also alleged that the Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church is favoured by the West in order to disrupt Russia-Belarus ties and that it conspired with the Belarusian opposition to infect millions of people with coronavirus.