Disinfo: The “White Helmets” produce fake videos about their own work


The “White Helmets” produce fake videos about their own work in Syria and their work is dubious.


The White Helmets are the only independent observers present in the part of Syria where Russia is fighting alongside Assad. Russia has consistently tried to compromise the NGO with accusations. The NGO is widely respected and recently received this year's Right Livelihood Award.


  • Reported in: Issue51
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 23/11/2016
  • Language/target audience: English
  • Country: Syria
  • Keywords: White Helmets, Syrian War


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The Ukrainian revolution was possibly supported from the outside

In an exclusive interview with prominent Ukrainian sociologist Iryna Bekeshkina, she said that an artificial revolution supported from the outside was possible in Ukraine.


Bekeshkina had never been interviewed by the site and after she exposed the fake interview in a Facebook post, the story was removed from the Ukraina.ru website, but remains in cache storage. Further debunking at StopFake.

The Baltic countries are the enemies of Moscow and use…

The Baltic countries are the enemies of Moscow and use neo-Nazi methods against Russia in order to impose “European values” there and undermine the regime of president Putin.


No evidence given for this conspiracy theory.