Disinfo: The "White Helmets" produce fake videos about their own work


The “White Helmets” produce fake videos about their own work in Syria and their work is dubious.


The White Helmets are the only independent observers present in the part of Syria where Russia is fighting alongside Assad. Russia has consistently tried to compromise the NGO with accusations. The NGO is widely respected and recently received this year's Right Livelihood Award.


  • Reported in: Issue 51
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 23/11/2016
  • Outlet language(s) English
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Syria
  • Keywords: White Helmets, Syrian War
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Disinfo: Estonia and Latvia have bad economic policies

Because of bad economic policies, Estonia, Latvia can’t be effective countries and protect their interests.


The Baltic countries have been a showcase of successful transformation after regaining independence following 50 years of Soviet occupation. This includes free market economies, well-functioning democratic institutions and legal system.

In 1995 in LV GDP per capita was 2.327 USD compared to 13.664 USD in 2015. In 1995 EE GDP per capita was 3.036 USD compared to 17.295 USD in 2015

Disinfo: The Baltic countries are developing apartheid regimes, discriminating ethnic Russians

The Baltic countries are developing apartheid regimes, like South African, in order to discriminate against ethnic Russians there under the guise of European values.


There is no apartheid system in any of the Baltic states. The Estonian Government considers the process of integration in the Estonian society and the promotion of Estonian citizenship as one of its priorities and has facilitated a naturalization process for all legal residents who wish to acquire Estonian citizenship . The number of people with undetermined citizenship (grey passports) in Estonia is gradually decreasing: according to the Ministry of Interior Affairs, the number is 80,010 (6% of population, as of August 2016), compared to 500,000 (32%) in 1992. The naturalisation process in Latvia is amongst the most liberal in Europe. Furthermore, the Mayor of Riga is of a mixed Russian-Latvian origin. Lithuania granted citizenship to all its residents at the time of independence redeclaration day willing to have it, without requiring them to learn Lithuanian.