Disinfo: The White House has announced that its sanctions against Russia have failed


The White House has announced that its sanctions policy against Russia is a failure.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative that Western sanctions against Russia are unproductive and unjust.

White House spokesperson Josh Earnest is quoted out of context, creating the impression that the US is admitting defeat in its sanctions policy. During a briefing on 6 October 2016, Josh Earnest explained that while the sanctions have not forced Russia to respect Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty, they are having an impact. More details from StopFake here.

Claims that the sanctions are ineffective are not backed by evidence. In reality most research support the view that sanctions, imposed on Russia by the US and EU following the annexation of Crimea and Russian meddling in the US election, have worked as planned, noting the drag they have imposed on Russia’s general economic

development since 2014: "This adverse effect most likely operates by depressing both foreign trade
and foreign capital flows into Russia. Russia’s own counter-sanctions have also had a clear negative
effect on the welfare of the average Russian household."

The false narrative about sanctions is often backed by false statistics. For example, the alleged economic growth of two percent does not withstand scrutiny. In 2018, the inflation rate went up and the rouble depreciated 20% against the dollar.

The sanctions are not an "anti-Russian policy" but were introduced after Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea and the downing of the Malaysian passenger plane MH17. The latest decision on a six-month extension of EU sanctions against Russian was taken on the 12th of September 2019, lasting until March 2020.

Further reading on the Russian narrative about ineffective Western sanctions by StopFake. Similar cases herehere and here.


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The EU has become the vassal of the US

The EU has become the vassal of the US.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about US presence in Europe, portraying Europe as a vassal of the USA. Russian disinformation sources like to claim that almost all European countries are no longer truly sovereign and the United States dictate EU and member states policies.

The EU Member States are sovereign countries and make sovereign decisions about their own security and policies. Possible NATO/ US military presence and support in the EU Member States is possible only on the basis of the clear request/ consent of the hosting nation. The US is an important ally to the EU but EU policy is not determined by the US, as explained by the EU High Representative.

Trump’s victory gives Ukraine a chance to establish democracy

Trump’s victory gives Ukraine a chance to establish democracy, to become a neutral country, to abandon plans to join NATO, restore economic relations with Russia and to enter into the Customs Union, which is being created by Putin.


Ukraine is already a democracy, recognized by the international community. Democratic, competitive and generally well-organised presidential and parliamentary elections were held in 2014 and local elections in 2015, as stated by the OSCE election monitoring body. Ukraine's Euroatlantic course remains in place regardless of future US administration policy.