Disinfo: The WHO is part of the global government, coronavirus is a pretext for a global colour revolution


Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus became the WHO’s Director General thanks to his connections with Bill Gates and the Clintons. The WHO is not limited to any pandemic criteria, it announces it when it wishes to, without explaining its decisions to the world. It is not a coincidence that the WHO is named part of the global government. The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation is among the WHO’s donors. Melinda and Bill Gates believe that saving children lives thanks to vaccination will allow a decrease in birth rates in developing countries. In fact, this explains the hysteria around the COVID-19 pandemic. The global elite has been bothered by the global population growth for over 200 years. World wars cannot regulate the population anymore as they have become too deadly. Hence, other methods to decrease human population are found: bird flu, swine flu, atypical pneumonia, Ebola, and, finally, coronavirus. Under the fake pretext of a dangerous coronavirus epidemic, the whole world is quarantined and placed in social isolation. The goal is to restrict human rights and freedoms, to impose total control, vaccination and digitalisation of society. In essence, this is a global colour revolution, a quiet coup d’état on a global scale, a way towards a ‘golden billion.’ Judging from the West’s very negative reaction concerning the low case fatality ratio in Russia and Russian aid to Italy, Serbia, and other countries, Russia is the main opponent of the neo-globalists’ vicious plans.


An unfounded conspiracy theory, sharing recurrent pro-Kremlin narratives about "secret elites" controlling the WHO and the world and the West's anti-Russian activities. Vaccines are supported by extensive scientific research. They are the main tool for the prevention of disease and one of the most cost-effective public health measures available, saving millions of people from illness, disability and death each year. Immunisation through vaccination is the best defence we have against serious, preventable, and sometimes deadly contagious diseases. See an earlier conspiracy case suggesting that vaccines are just a profit-driven ploy by "Big Pharma".

The reference to the 'Golden billion' in the article describes the relatively wealthy people in industrially developed nations, or the West (see for example here). It is often used in different versions of conspiracy theories.

See earlier disinformation cases alleging that global neo-colonialists stage colour revolutions and conquer indigenous national elites, that Western leaders are merely marionettes of the shadow rulers, and that the COVID-19 outbreak is a pretext to gain control of the world's population.


  • Reported in: Issue 196
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 28/04/2020
  • Outlet language(s) Russian
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Italy, Serbia, US, Russia
  • Keywords: coronavirus, vaccination, Bill Gates, Russian expansionism, WHO, Secret elites / global elites, Hillary Clinton, Colour revolutions, Conspiracy theory, Coup
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Disinfo: Presence of Russian mercenaries in Libya is nothing but rumours

The allegations that “Russian mercenaries” are present in Libya are nothing more than rumours.


A recurring disinformation narrative about the Wagner group and Russian presence in Libya. The group is a private army linked to the Kremlin and has been fighting on the front lines of the Libyan war for nearly three months. The Russian firm Wagner Group is a shadowy mercenary outfit, actively engaged in conflicts on the Kremlin’s behalf from Ukraine to Syria to the Central African Republic. The Wagner group members are mostly ex-service personnel, fought clandestinely in support of Russian forces in Syria and Ukraine, according to Reuters interviews with dozens of contractors, their friends and relatives. According to Foreign Policy, the group fell into disgrace after the Syrian offensive and has recently been trying to find work in Africa in the training of local militias and with contracts for private security. Three Russian journalists who were investigating Wagner's presence in the Central African Republic were murdered in the summer of 2018. Others were threatened. Bloomberg reported, that more than 100 Wagner contractors arrived in Libya in early September to assist General Khalifa Haftar’s offensive against the GNA in Tripoli that began in April. To know more about the disinformation message regarding the Wagner group, check our report on a Russian attempt to hide all the pieces of evidence.

Disinfo: Euromaidan was organised by the Americans

What happened, you yourself know – a coup d’etat, Maidan, which in fact was organised by the Americans.


A recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about Ukraine's statehood which claims that the Euromaidan protests were organised by foreign forces. The spontaneous onset of the massive Euromaidan protests was a reaction of the Ukrainian population to the sudden departure of President Yanukovych from the Association Agreement with the European Union and to the brutal dispersal of student protestors on 30 November 2013. Read similar cases: "The US backed the coup in Ukraine in 2014", "What is happening in Ukraine is a Western project".

Disinfo: Dangerous experiments were carried out on people in Lugar Lab in Georgia

As you know, in Georgia, in the laboratory of Senator Richard Lugar in the suburbs of Tbilisi, the US Army Department of Medical Research is deployed. The documents submitted by the ex-Minister of State Security of Georgia Igor Giorgadze confirmed that dangerous experiments were carried out on living people in the laboratory.


A recurring pro-Kremlin narrative that Americans experimented on people in Georgia, with no evidence given. The U.S Embassy in Georgia officially addressed the conspiracy theories behind the Richard Lugar Centre as "nonsense and typical of Russian misinformation and propaganda campaigns." The Richard Lugar Centre for Public Health Research is a facility of the National Centre for Disease Control and Public Health (NCDC), which became operational in August 2013. The Lugar centre is a top-tiered institution in NCDC’s laboratory network and serves as a reference laboratory for Georgia’s public health system. Under no circumstances has this laboratory been designed or redesigned to build biological weapons. Read similar cases: "US might develop pathogen agents provoking dangerous diseases abroad including in the Lugar Lab located in Georgia", "US Department of Defence has a secret biological laboratory in Georgia".