Disinfo: There are racist posters in the streets of Kyiv that…


There are racist posters in the streets of Kyiv that equal the Russian language to infection and bad IQ.


This is not an ongoing poster campaign on the streets of Kyiv, it is a homemade poster, and however deplorable, was only one single amateur contribution to an exhibition in 2015 - it is not a state campaign on the streets of Kyiv and it is not happening now. bit.ly/2tcPFGW,


  • Reported in: Issue75
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 03/07/2017
  • Language/target audience: English
  • Country: Russia, Ukraine
  • Keywords: Racism, Russian language, Ethnic Russians


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The US is soon launching a new terrorist group in…

The US is soon launching a new terrorist group in the Middle East. It was created by them in the same way as they created and support ISIS.


No evidence given. The US is part of the coalition that are fighting ISIS.

NATO is encircling Russia

NATO is encircling Russia.


This claim ignores the facts of geography. Russia's land border is just over 20,000 kilometres long. Of that, 1,215 kilometres, or less than one-sixteenth, face current NATO members. bit.ly/2sX0IFD,