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More than 25,000 Arabs live in the Czech Republic and more are coming

Summary of Disinformation

In the Czech Republic, there are more than 25,000 Arab migrants living legally. There are two huge gaps in Czech legislation allowing almost uncontrolled migrations of Arabs to the Czech Republic. Legal visas are issued to students and businessmen from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Entrepreneurship brings money, and therefore the granting of visas for entrepreneurs and for so-called therapeutic stays is unlimited. The second dangerous channel of migration to the Czech Republic is through studies. Arab students bring sponsorship money from Arab countries to higher education institutions, so there is no problem for them to get a student visa.


Most of the applications for a short-stay visa were submitted by citizens of Russia, Ukraine and China for the year 2016 (report for 2017 has not been issued yet). There are no Arab or Middle Eastern countries among the top ten countries. The number of short-term visas issued for medical purposes was 3 071 and 24 080 for business purposes. For the studying purposes 3 338 visas were granted. As of 30 November 2017, there were 89 Yemen citizens with temporary residence and 135 with permanent residence in the Czech Republic. One citizen of Qatar has a temporary permit to stay in the Czech republic. There are also 144 members of Saudi Arabia with temporary residence, and 24 with permanent residence. There are only 8 members of the United Arab Emirates in the territory of the Czech Republic, of which 5 are temporary and 3 are permanent. From Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates (of which, according to Aeronet, the largest number of Arab migrants are coming to the Czech Republic, which to be more than 25,000), there are 239 temporary and 162 permanent residents in the Czech Republic. Together, their number does not exceed 500.
Source: Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic

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Reported in: Issue 98
Date: 30.01.2018
Language: Czech
Country: Czech Republic
Keywords: Islamisation, Muslim/Islam
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: aeronet.cz
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