Disinfo: There is no doubt that democracy has taken hold in Russia, which is shown by the lack of criticism in the latest elections


International observers had no serious criticism as to how the Russian Presidential election 2018 was organized or regarding the election results. Therefore, there is no doubt that democracy has taken hold in Russia.


Actually, The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe stated that there had been no real choice in Russia’s presidential election and complained it had been marked by unfair pressure on critical voices www.reuters.com/article/us-russia-election-osce/osce-says-russian-presidential-election-lacked-real-choice-idUSKBN1GV1JN,

The OSCE election observation mission to the presidential election in Russia 2018 stated in it's preliminary conclusions that; "The 18 March presidential election took place in an overly controlled legal and political environment marked by continued pressure on critical voices, while the Central Election Commission (CEC) administered the election efficiently and openly. After intense efforts to promote turnout, citizens voted in significant numbers, yet restrictions on the fundamental freedoms of assembly, association and expression, as well as on candidate registration, have limited the space for political engagement and resulted in a lack of genuine competition. While candidates could generally campaign freely, the extensive and uncritical coverage of the incumbent as president in most media resulted in an uneven playing field.Overall, election day was conducted in an orderly manner despite shortcomings related to vote secrecy and transparency of counting."


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After 25 years of operation, all missiles of the Buk systems are subject to decommissioning and disposal

After 25 years of operation, all missiles of the Buk systems are subject to decommissioning and disposal.The maximum lifetime of the missile, the engine from which was demonstrated to us [by the Dutch-led JIT] was 2011 (1986 + 25), after which it should be decommissioned and sent for disposal.


Disinformation refers to Russian Ministry of Defence statement on May 25 that "after 25 years of operation, all missiles of the Buk systems are subject to decommissioning and disposal".  www.interfax.ru/russia/614297,

In fact, the Buk manufacturer Almaz Antey used one missile from 1987 in their test in 2015, which means it was 28 years old and should have already been decommissioned. twitter.com/EliotHiggins/status/1003904308755214336,

Photo: Kim Jong-un smiled while meeting Lavrov

Photo shows how Kim Jong-un smiled while meeting Lavrov.


Independent Russian outlet Meduza, the BBC and other media reported, Russian social media users questioned the authenticity of the image, which was used as documentation of Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s visit to Pyongyang on 31 May.

Dmitry Kiselev, the host of the programme where the image appeared, denied in a comment to Radio Govorit Moskva that it had been doctored.

The doctors treating the Skripals admitted that the diagnosis was not made by them

It is impossible to understand how the patients who were poisoned, if they believe what the doctors say themselves by the powerful neural-paralytic substance A234, were able to be cured in Salisbury. It is known that there is no antidote for the poison.

When being poisoned by A234 it is meaningless to give the injured air through the trachea. It is from this procedure that Julia Skripal has a deep scar around her neck.

Until now, from the public appearances of those who in one way or another have been linked to the scandalous history in Salisbury, there has not been a single convincing proof, or at least evidence that there is a Russian trace in this case .


In the original article by BBC, which Vesti is referring to, the medical staff does not state that they didn't diagnose the Skripals. They do explain though, that when the Skripals were found, an opioid overdose was suspected. "We were just told that there were two patients down in the emergency department who were critically unwell and they would be coming up to the unit," recalled ward sister Ms Clark. But when police became aware of Mr Skripal's former career as a Russian spy, they told the hospital and discussed the possibility that he may have been the victim of a targeted attack. www.bbc.com/news/uk-44278609,

Further debunking by the Insider.