Disinfo: EU ensures military influence through its programs, and this is why NATO was founded in 1949


EU ensures military influence through its programs. This is the reason why NATO was founded in 1949.


Nonsense. European Union was established in 1993 upon the foundations of the pre-existing European Economic Community. NATO was founded long before the EU as a separate organization with different mission and structure. Even today, both organisations only cooperate on issues of common interest, and membership is only partly overlapping.


  • Reported in: Issue 80
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 19/08/2017
  • Language/target audience: Czech
  • Keywords: EU, Military, European Union, NATO
  • Outlet: CZ Sputnik News
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Hundreds of thousands of Arabs are waiting for the Czech citizenship and a social benefit of 21,000 CZK per month

If the Czech Republic wants to stay in the EU, it will have to accept the relocation quota. Hundreds of thousands of Arabs are waiting for the Czech citizenship and a social benefit of 21,000 CZK per month.


According to the relocation system, the Czech Republic should accept 2 691 refugees from Greece and Italy. Refugees are not automatically granted pocket money or social benefits. Asylum seeker or person enjoying supplementary protection can apply for state social support, the request is assessed individually by the Labour Office taking into account the particular situation of the applicant. Also granting of the Czech citizenship is not automatic, but it is thoroughly evaluated by the Ministry of Interior.

Relocation quota: ec.europa.eu/home-affairs/sites/homeaffairs/files/what-we-do/policies/european-agenda-migration/press-material/docs/state_of_play_-_relocation_en.pdf,
Czech citizenship: www.mvcr.cz/clanek/udeleni-statniho-obcanstvi-ceske-republiky.aspx,
Social benefits for immigrants: www.hatefree.cz/blo/hoaxy/2220-21000,

The public broadcaster Czech Television openly promotes sex with black people and LGBT

The Czech Television openly promotes sex with black people and LGBT. Two Czech films that were broadcast by the Czech Television (Fifty and Embarrassing, Offside) are open propaganda of sex with black people with incentives for Czech girls.


Both films are comedies. Regardless of the content quality, their broadcast can hardly be considered propaganda. The Czech Television acts in accordance with the Act on the Czech Television and the Czech Television Code. Violations of impartiality and independence are subjected to the Board of the Czech television.

In order not to aggravate people of other religions, there was no Christmas tree in Brussels

Last year there was no Christmas tree in the centre of Brussels – a trait of a Christian holiday- in order not to disturb people of other religious confessions than Christian.


Recurring disinformation, we have seen it before regarding for example Sweden euvsdisinfo.eu/report/christmas-lights-are-banned-in-sweden-because-of-tolerance-towards/, . In neither cases are the statements true, there was in fact a Christmas tree in Brussels also in the year of 2016 visit.brussels/en/sites/winterwonders/m_article/video-2016, . A similar Christmas market is planned for this year www.brussels.be/winter-wonders-and-christmas-market-2017, .