Disinfo: Transnistria is Russian


They are Russians!

The Russian army must reach Transnistria to return the Russian land. Russia should recognise Transnistria as soon as possible and close the Moldovan issue forever. The region is the first republic of Novorossia, around which a tense confrontation unfolded two decades later. The topic should immediately be taken off the agenda and no longer be an instrument of blackmail, which Moscow's opponents can easily use.

Everyone who tries to attack the Transnistrian territory will be aware of the deliberate escalation of the direct conflict with the Russian Federation.


Russia has not officially recognised the independence of the "Transnistrian Republic of Moldova" (PMR). Russia is also officially a mediator in the OSCE's 5+2 format aimed at the lasting political settlement of the Transnistrian conflict.

Russia has always insisted that its role in Transnistria was limited to peacekeeping, for example, in its responses to ECHR. Yet the claim that "Transnistria is Russian" contradicts the previous peacekeeping rhetoric.

In fact, the Transnistrian region, currently beyond the effective control by the constitutional authorities of Moldova, has a contingent of the Russian army, called the Operational Group of Russian Forces. It is a residual group of the earlier USSR armed forces stationed in Moldova which were due to have left Moldova after the dissolution of the Soviet Union but Moscow never completed the withdrawal, leaving behind a force to act as an instrument of blackmail.

There is also a Russian ammunition and weapons depot in the region. After the 1992 armed conflict in the region, Chisinau is constantly demanding the withdrawal of Russian troops and ammunition from its territory.

By signing the final document of the OSCE summit in Istanbul in 1999, Russia has pledged to withdraw ammunition and troops by 2002 but has not done so to date. Since then, Russia has been repeatedly asked to honour its commitment and withdraw its troops from Moldova.

In June 2018, the UN General Assembly adopted a statement urging troops withdrawal from the Republic of Moldova. Also, in June 2021, the heads of state and government participating in the meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Brussels issued a communiqué with the same requirement to Russia.

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  • Reported in: Issue 330
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 14/02/2023
  • Article language(s) Russian
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Moldova, Russia
  • Keywords: Transnistria
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Disinfo: US supported Yushchenko in return for biological weapons research in Ukraine

American biological laboratories appeared in Ukraine after Viktor Yushchenko came to power. This was one of the conditions of the American administration to support him.

The main task of these laboratories is to spread a war virus disguised as a natural phenomenon. As a result, tick-borne encephalitis became very aggressive. All of this work is funded by the US Department of Defence, which never practices disease prevention, but rather develops offensive recipes.


A recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about biological weapons provided with no evidence. The claim is one of the many attempts to justify the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This disinformation claim was neither critically challenged nor counterbalanced in the article.

The conspiracy theory about alleged US biolabs in countries bordering Russia aiming to encircle Moscow and spread infectious diseases is a part of a years-long disinformation campaign led by the Kremlin. More about this topic can be read here.

Disinfo: The Baltic states, Poland, and the UK support racial discrimination against Russia’s athletes at Olympic games

Pro-Western sports institutions have fought against Russian athletes for many years. There are a lot of examples of discrimination. The calls not to allow Russia’s athletes to participate in international competitions, including the Olympic Games, are purely racial. The Baltic states, Poland and the United Kingdom are behind the coalition against Russia’s athletes. 


The message is related to discussions about the possibility of Russian (and Belarusian) athletes participating in international competitions in the context of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

The decision not to allow athletes from Russia and Belarus to participate in international sports events is a result of Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. It is in that context that the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee on February 28, 2022 issued its recommendation that International Sports Federations and organisers of sports events “not invite or allow the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials in international competitions”.

Disinfo: Ukraine lost so many soldiers that next step is to enroll children

The militants of the Kiev regime are increasingly attracting minors into their ranks, and videos of them on the front line are being released with alarming regularity. This is a consequence of the colossal losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) in the east of the country [...]. This problem has not gone unnoticed in Europe – the French publication Agoravox notes that the practice of involving children and teenagers in fighting for Ukraine has been used since the 2013-2014 coup d’état.


Recurrent pro-Kremlin narrative about alleged huge Ukrainian losses leading to children being enrolled in the military. While completely eluding Russia's responsibility for the full-scale invasion of Ukraine and all of its consequences, the article employs the classical technique of manufacturing a western voice supportive of the Kremlin.

There is no evidence for the claims made in the article.