Disinfo: Trump has won the US elections


Donald Trump has won the elections. It is important who and how counted the votes.


Recurrent pro-Kremlin disinformation about the US presidential election 2020.

On 14 December, the electoral college confirmed Joe Biden's victory in the presidential election. Biden won the state-by-state electoral college vote that formally determines the US presidency. This paved the way for Joe Biden to be sworn in as president on 20 January.

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  • Reported in: Issue 225
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 01/12/2020
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: US
  • Keywords: US Presidential Election 2020, Donald Trump, Joe Biden


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The situation with COVID-19 in Germany is worsening because of migrants

The COVID-19 situation in Germany is worsening. The reason is the Kreuzberg district of Berlin, where inhabitants originating from Turkey, Albania and Arabic countries do not accept any restrictions.


This statement consists of two popular pro-Kremlin narratives. The first one is about the West not being able to cope with the pandemic and the second one is about migrants.

According to a poll carried out by public broadcaster ZDF, an overwhelming majority of people in Germany support current regulations aimed at reducing the spread of coronavirus, or favour even stricter rules. A mere 10% considered the current regulations to be over-the-top.

NATO is preparing to use force against Belarus

Minsk accused NATO of preparing to use force against Belarus. The United States and NATO are stepping up their efforts to develop the airspace of Poland and the Baltic countries. All of these testifies to the fact that the activity of the West on the territory of the Eastern European states, including Poland and the Baltic states, is aimed at preparing for the use of force. And taking into account the statements of certain politicians about the historical belonging of the western regions of Belarus to Poland, the already deployed groupings of forces from the NATO Joint Armed Forces, which are now located, including in Poland, Lithuania, can be involved, of course, at the present time.


There is no reason for NATO, a collective defence organisation, to invade Belarus. This is part of a Russian disinformation campaign on post-electoral events in Belarus, merged with recurrent pro-Kremlin narratives portraying NATO as an ever-aggressive organisation.

NATO's leadership has repeatedly denied statements about the build-up of the alliance's forces near the western border of Belarus.

Russian investigators are kept away from the Navalny case

Russia cannot start a criminal procedure in the case of Alexey Navalny because there is a lack of evidence. Russian judges have asked their [German] colleagues to be allowed to participate in the investigation but no one has answered to their requests.


Recurring disinformation narrative concerning the poisoning of a prominent Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny.

As it is well known by now, Navalny fell ill during a flight from Siberia to Moscow on the 20th of August. He was initially hospitalised in Omsk, but shortly afterwards, at the request of his family, he was transferred to Charité hospital in Berlin, where clinical findings indicated that he was poisoned with a substance from the group of cholinesterase inhibitors. Subsequent toxicological tests provided unequivocal evidence of a chemical nerve agent of the Novichok group in the blood samples of Navalny.