Disinfo: Trump made a deal with the Queen and the Rothschilds: end of paedophilia case in exchange for second presidential term


Given that George Soros declared war against Donald Trump in 2016, an attempt to impeach the latter was apparently sanctioned by the Rothschilds. Although they do not threaten him directly, Trump’s actions are constrained. This also suits the agreements reached between the Queen of the United Kingdom and Trump during his visit to London in June. The White House ends the investigation into links between a paedophile lobby and the US Democrats in exchange for a green light for a second presidential term. This is why instead of coherently struggling against the Democrats, Trump is attacking Joe Biden. The latter, though very corrupt, is not linked to paedophilia, unlike the Clintons.


This article puts forward a number of unfounded claims and conspiracies and contains recurring propaganda pro-Kremlin narratives about all-mighty secret elites and deep state. See earlier disinformation cases alleging that Skripal case was invented to cover up paedophilia scandals in the UK, that all high-ranking politicians in the Baltic states are likely implicated in paedophilia, and that the Holocaust was instigated by the evil Rothschilds for creating their own nation state. A collection of earlier paedophilia-related disinformation cases can be seen here.


  • Reported in: Issue 172
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 08/11/2019
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: UK, US
  • Keywords: Democratic Party (US), Rothschild, Hillary Clinton, Queen Elizabeth II, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Elections, Conspiracy theory, George Soros


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What is happening in Ukraine is a Western project

What is happening in Ukraine now is a completely Western project. Co-production from the USA and the EU. They supported the coup in 2014, and dragged Poroshenko, turning a blind eye to everything.


This is a recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative painting the 2013-14 protests in Kyiv as a coup orchestrated by the West, and alleging that Russia's armed aggression in east Ukraine is a civil war. It's also a recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative undermining the statehood of Ukraine. The message also repeats disinformation narratives about EU and US relations with Ukraine. Ukraine is recognised in international law as a sovereign nation-state, with its own flag, nationality, language and with a democratically-elected president and parliament. The EU and the US support the democratic development of Ukraine in accordance with the UN Charter’s principles of non-interference into internal affairs and respect towards territorial integrity and political independence. There was no coup d'état in Ukraine. The spontaneous onset of the Euromaidan protests was an organic reaction by numerous segments of the Ukrainian population to former President Yanukovych’s sudden departure from the promised Association Agreement with the European Union in November 2013. The war in eastern Ukraine is not a civil conflict but a well-documented act of aggression by Russian armed forces, ongoing since February 2014.

Catalan protests are staged by the US and Soros to punish Spain for its relations with Cuba

A Catalan “hotspot” in economically developed Spain, in a country with no big ethnic differences between the regions, came as a surprise to many. Hence, the source of this madness is located outside the country. Among other things, George Soros’ organisations provided support for Catalan unrest. The US is not happy that Madrid has been developing relations with Cuba lately. A quarter of all foreign companies registered in Cuba are Spanish. In terms of imports, in 2017, Spain was Cuban’s second largest trading partner. Spain also invests a lot and is gradually taking control of the Cuban touristic industry. Hence, Madrid assists Havana at a time when the world’s hegemon attempts to choke Cuba with sanctions. Some people in the US must have taken Spanish activities in Cuba as an aspiration to revive the Spanish colonial empire in a new form. Americans repeatedly warned Spaniards about possible consequences for playing with Cuba, but Madrid did not take the threats seriously.


This is conspiracy theory, one of many about George Soros, and consistent with recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about US' destabilising actions elsewhere to favour its policies. The recent strike and protests in Catalonia erupted because of the ruling of Spain’s Supreme Court which sentenced nine Catalan pro-independence leaders to jail for sedition. Although Donald Trump's administration is more confrontational with Cuba than his predecessor's office, there is no proof that the US is behind the Catalan protests in retaliation for Spanish-Cuban economic cooperation. Read more about how the pro-Kremlin disinformation outlets target George Soros and see earlier disinformation cases alleging that by supporting Euromaidan, the EU promoted similar protests in Catalonia, that George Soros seeks to destabilise Europe by encouraging mass illegal immigration, promoting gender theory and supporting unruly minorities and that the logical answer from Europe to the Catalonia referendum would have been to recognise the independence of Catalonia and bomb Madrid.