Disinfo: Trump ordered 250 US soldiers to spread Coronavirus two months before the virus outbreak in Wuhan


There are big question marks about the spread of the disease (Coronavirus) in countries opposing or competing with the United States of America.

Two months prior to the Coronavirus outbreak in the Chinese city of Wuhan, there were American health exercises in which 250 American soldiers participated. There are talks that the Americans may have spread the virus, and there are those who say that (US President Donald) Trump is the one who gave orders to spread this epidemic.


Recurring conspiracy theories that echo pro-Kremlin disinformation about coronavirus. The narratives also resemble a recurring conspiracy theory about the Lugar Lab in Georgia.

Apart from the American soldiers, there were, in fact, 17 teams with over 280 athletes and staff in the Military World Games that was held from October 18–27, 2019 in the capital of Hubei Province in Wuhan. The Coronavirus started to spread 65 days after the closing ceremony of the Military World Games, and so far there is no evidence to prove any connection between the two events.

Furthermore, a group of 27 prominent public health scientists, from nine countries, wrote a statement published online by The Lancet, that "strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin", and they “overwhelmingly conclude that this coronavirus originated in wildlife,” just like many other viruses that have recently emerged in humans.


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  • Reported in: Issue186
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 27/02/2020
  • Language/target audience: Arabic
  • Country: China, US
  • Keywords: coronavirus, Conspiracy theory, Biological weapons, Conspiracy


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The Istanbul Convention invents new human species

The Istanbul Convention invents new human species, in which the gender of the person is defined socially and even politically.

When the Romanians will finally wake up, they will see not only that they are indebted to foreign banks for ten generations, but also that their offspring are no longer boys or girls, as they thought, but what the Istanbul Convention wants: socially manipulable genetic material as the state tells them to be. Not the Romanian state, which has long been dissolved, but the global state.


A recurring disinformation narrative about the Western values and the Istanbul Convention. See a related disinformation case alleging that the Istanbul convention will destroy a traditional Armenian family.

The Istanbul Convention (Council of Europe Convention on the Prevention and Combating of Violence against Women and Domestic Violence) is a treaty according to which the signatory states will adopt appropriate laws and take measures to punish, combat and eliminate all forms of violence against women and domestic violence.

Western intelligence supports the White helmets to launch a media war against Syria

Western intelligence is assisting and supporting the White Helmets financially and logistically, with the aim of launching a media war against Syria.

Two years ago, information blaming the Syrian army and forces of the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian city of Douma was spread around the world, and this was a planned misinformation campaign supported by Western countries.

Investigations have proven that the White Helmets allegations about the use of chemical weapons were just a slander.

The (White Helmets) organization is funded by British intelligence services and is carrying out its tasks by disseminating information and allegations against Syria and its army.


This is a recurring disinformation narrative deflecting blame for chemical attacks away from the Assad regime; aiming to discredit the OPCW, in addition to label the White Helmets as terrorists or as accomplices with terrorist organizations by staging and/or perpetrating chemical attacks, sometimes with the help of Western intelligence agenciesThese claims are not supported by evidence.

The UN-OPCW Joint Investigative Mechanism found Syria’s Government responsible for the April 2017 attack in Khan Shaykhun. On April 2018, Russia vetoed a US-drafted UN Security Council resolution that would have created a new inquiry to ascertain responsibility for chemical weapons attacks in Syria. In June 2018, the OPCW members granted it the power to assign responsibility for chemical attacks. 

Movie “Contagion” is a perfect clue that coronavirus is American

Conspiracy theory (related to the Coronavirus and the American invisible hand) cannot be absent for several reasons. One of them is that Hollywood made a movie [Contagion] about this virus, and before the virus began to spread to China, there were 250 American soldiers who visited Wuhan and conducted biological warfare exercises, and they may have spread the virus there.


Conspiracy theory about the 2019-nCoV coronavirus.

As for the Hollywood movie, given surface-level similarities, it does not come as a surprise that a 2011 film, "Contagion", might be of particular interest to those rattled by COVID-19’s spread. Even upon its release, "Contagion" was mostly lauded by the scientific community (though not uniformly) for its unusually accurate depiction of how a deadly, highly transmissible virus could spread around the globe, affecting everyone from scientists and government leaders to ordinary people.