Disinfo: U.S. National Security Advisor Warns Georgia on Suspending Partnership


During his visit to Georgia on October 25-26, U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton warned the Government of Georgia on suspending the U.S.- Georgian partnership in connection with alleged delivery of the U.S. purchased Javelin Missiles to Russia.


The Georgian Embassy to the United States has condemned the news as a fake. “Dissemination of disinformation from a doubtful private blog is a classic example to cast shadow over the U.S.-Georgia strategic partnership, which is developing extremely positively over the past years and has reached its highest level. Ambassador Bolton’s visit to Georgia was extremely successful and in the wake of this visit our bilateral strategic partnership is acquiring new scales, including in terms of defense and security cooperation.”

The English language website, where the report was spread, was created nine days before its dissemination.

Further debunking by MythDetector.


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  • Reported in: Issue 124
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 31/10/2018
  • Language/target audience: English
  • Country: Russia, US, Georgia
  • Keywords: EU/NATO enlargement, US presence in Europe
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Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Wants to Root out Russian Passport Holders

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said “Let those who have Russian passports surrender them, otherwise we will root them out.”


Russian media have distorted the subject of dual citizenship many times with scare stories claiming that Russian passport holders would be singled out and punished by the authorities. Klimkin never said that Russian passport holders would be rooted out.

He said: “We cannot talk about dual citizenship with Russia at a time when we are at war with Russia. Those who have Russian citizenship, should surrender it. All others, are up for discussion. Dual citizenship can be had only under very clear conditions.”

Majority of Ukrainians Consider Donbas Conflict a Civil War

The majority of Ukrainians do not believe Ukrainian authorities’ statements about Russian aggression in the east of the country and 63 percent of them consider the conflict to be a civil war.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation on civil war in Ukraine.

In fact Simon Weiss, a fellow at the German think tank Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, said that most Ukrainians – 63 percent -would like to see a regional rather than an international approach to solving the conflict in Donbas. Further debunking by StopFake.

Ukrainian Deputy Minister Wants to Return Crimea with the Help of the Army

Ukraine’s Deputy Minister for Information Policy Emine Jepar wants to return Russian-annexed Crimea to the Ukrainian using the Ukrainian Army.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation about war in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Deputy Minister for Information Policy Emine Jepar did touch upon the theme of returning Ukrainian jurisdiction over Crimea, but she did not speak about using the army to accomplish that goal. She simply said that Ukraine had to be ready for every eventuality, use all means to reclaim Crimea and be prepared for whatever unpredictable steps the Russian Federation takes regarding the peninsula.