Disinfo: Russia report is worse than the usual Russophobia, it’s a real declaration of hatred.


The Intelligence and Security Committee of the [UK] Parliament has today published on July 21 a report on Russia that begins with this sentence “the dissolution of the USSR was a moment of joy for the West“. Of joy! When will the next moment of joy for the West occur, the dissolution of Russia?

This report is worse than the usual Russophobia: it’s a real declaration of hatred!


Disinformation dismissing the Russia report published by the UK Government claiming that this is even worse than the so-called Russophobia.

On July 21, the Intelligence and Security Committee of the United Kingdom's Parliament published two reports, one annual and one focused on Russia. The first paragraph of the Russia report states the following:

The dissolution of the USSR was a time of hope in the West. In the 1990s and early 2000s, Western thinking was, if not to integrate Russia fully, at least to ensure that it became a partner. By the mid-2000s, it was clear that this had not been successful. The murder of Alexander Litvinenko in 2006 demonstrated that Russia under President Putin had moved from potential partner to established threat. Since then, there have been a number of attempts to repair relations between Western countries and Russia, but the events of recent years show that none has had any impact on Russian intent, and therefore on the security threat that Russia poses.

No joy or delight is mentioned in this introduction. The idea developed is that the end of the Cold war was a moment of hope for better relations between the West and Russia.

The famous speech of President G.W. Bush in Kiev on August 1, 1991, the so called Chicken Kiev speech can easily testify that the end of the Soviet Union was viewed positively and could be associated with joy most of all by Russians citizens rather than Western leaders. Moreover, in 1991, the new head of KGB, handed to Milton Bearden from the CIA the blueprints and spying transmitters of the US Embassy in Moscow as a sign of better trust in future relations.

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  • Reported in: Issue 207
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 21/07/2020
  • Language/target audience: French
  • Country: UK, Russia
  • Keywords: security threat, election meddling


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White helmets splashed children with something to stage chemical attacks

The effect of the pseudo-humanitarian activities of the “white helmets” is quite destructive. First, these are provocations. Secondly, the motive of these provocations is the further indulgence of further illegal actions on the part of the so-called Western community. This is simply the destruction of people’s lives. Remember the Syrian children, who were splashed with something there, in an attempt to bring them into a state that would look like some kind of attack by the Syrian authorities. It was filmed, photographed, recorded, then it turned out that these were all staged pictures.


Recurrent disinformation narrative on white helmets.

The White Helmets movement originated in Syria in 2012. The organisation, which is made up of 3,400 volunteers including teachers, engineers, tailors and firefighters, states that it has no affiliation to any political or military actor and is committed to rendering services to anyone in need. Volunteers save people from the rubble after bombings, despite the danger of dying themselves as a result of repeated airstrikes.

There is a liberal paedophile lobby behind Dmitriev who has never been a human rights activist

Yuri Dmitriev was recognised as a paedophile but was sent to serve his sentence for several months. Instead of the minimum 12 years, he was given over 3 years. Although, apparently, he pleaded guilty.

What does 1937 have to do with it? He’s a paedophile. This is an established fact. Nobody places it over him, he confessed that he took nude photos, including pornographic ones, as recognised by the expert examination. This is such a signal that all this is possible. Well, rapist, well, a girl, well, her adoptive father. 3 and a half years. Fine. None of these intelligent bastards found a word of love, care, compassion, sympathy for this unfortunate girl. The liberal crowd stands for juvenile justice, sex education, and protects paedophiles.

Yuri Dmitriev did not find any Stalinist mass graves. He also did not prepare lists of victims of Stalinist repressions attributed to him. He has never been a human rights activist. A completely false image was created of him. We all thought that there is only a gay lobby in the country, and it turns out that it is also paedophile lobby.


Yuri Dmitriev is a "respected historian known for his uncompromising investigation and documenting of mass graves of the victims of Soviet repression in 1937-38 and Chairman of the Karelia branch of Memorial Historical Society in the Russian Federation," - according to the EU, and  the paedophilia charges brought against him appear to have been prompted by his human rights work.

As his employer, NGO Memorial communicates that Yuri Dmitriev is a historian from Petrozavodsk, head of the Karelian branch of "Memorial". "Since the late 1980s, he has been studying the history of Stalinist repressions in Karelia, compiling lists of victims and restoring their biographies (since 1997, five Memory Books with such lists have been published), and is looking for the burials of those executed. Among the places of mass graves he found - Sandarmokh, the largest shooting places in Karelia in 1937–38, thanks to Dmitriev, turned into a memorial complex," says NGO Memorial.

Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates to be arrested for vaccines and artificially creating the virus

Lawsuits have been filed against Anthony Fauch and Bill Gates, they will be charged for infecting and killing hundreds of thousands of children through vaccination, as well as artificially creating and spreading the virus. The investigation will also follow the Obama Foundation for transferring $3.7 million to Wuhan Laboratory.


No proof given. Recurring disinformation narrative on vaccination and the coronavirus.

There are no trial processes against Fauci and Bill Gates. This conspiracy is based on the story from The Next News Network Special Report, in which three doctors demanded Fauci's arrest on the ground that the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions caused severe damage to the US economy. This story is no longer available on the official YouTube channel of the network.